Sunday, January 09, 2005

N.Y.D.C sucks and I got books.

Was with 3 gal friends at N.Y.D.C cafe at Suntec City earlier today. Another really overhyped cafe in my opinion, food wasn't that great considering the price. It was nice catching up with them though, haven't seen 2 of them for almost 2 years now. One of them called me a hunk. If I had a dollar everytime I heard that...

Oh the National Library had their clearance sale there as well - every year they put up thousands of old books for sale at only $2 each. But by the time we got there most of the best stuff was gone. I got myself a biography of Andy Kaufman, a book on cluster computing, a possibly ourdated travel guide regarding the various places in Europe to travel and the festivals they have, a book on writing good resumes and finally a novel that had a story similar to Dead Man Walking. But it was a little ugly, quite a few times I got pushed aside by people who wanted to get to the books. Is an "excuse me" too much to ask for ?

Listened to :

Funeral by Arcade Fire
Crimes by Blood Brothers
Steal This Album! by System of A Down

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