Wednesday, January 19, 2005

My first ever credit card experience

I finally got my credit card a week ago. Before this I never had any, and neither did my parents. I knew more or less how to use it to pay the bill at restaurants and stuff, but wasn't too clear how to do it over the phone or online. Anyway I ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut on Monday, because every Supreme pizza you order on that day comes with FREE 10 piece drumlets and a serving of garlic bread. The gal on the line took my order..and then...

Gal: So do you wanna pay by cash or card?
Me: Cash....wait I think I would like to pay by card. I just got my card yesterday!
(K I think I sounded a little too excited because she started giggling)
Me: But how do I go about paying by card, do I like give the details to you or to the pizza guy when he arrives.
Gal: (laughs) You give your details now to me , the 16 digit number on your card, your expiry date and the name on the card.

So I gave her the details, although she got my card number wrong the first time, I had to repeat it twice. But after I put down the phone I started thinking. What happens if she uses my card details and carries out online transactions with it? How do they prevent that from happening? And I started worrying about whether I gave her more details than necessary, I shouldn't have told her I was a first time user. I wanted to call a friend (who works in a bank) immediately and ask him about it, but didn't wanna appear stupid. Anyway I asked my colleagues about it the next day and they told me it was possible, but if it ever happens you can deny making the purchase/transaction. But still it sounds awfully insecure to me.

Anyway when the pizza arrived all I had to do is sign for it. It was so easy, it almost felt like I was getting the pizza for free. Now I know why people love credit cards so much. I am definitely going to be using it really often from now on.

K on hindsight it was dumb of me to think that I could give the pizza guy my credit card details. Hey we all make dumb mistakes once in a while. I ain't perfect alright!

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  1. haha. You was funny indeed! like any other one in your boots. Although I thought we had times when a child could understand using credit cards. By the way, remember that a credit card is a dangerous financial tool because of the ease of use. Thus, do not overspend on credit.