Monday, January 03, 2005

Movie Review: London Voodoo

Was with a friend at Orchard Cineleisure (a local cineplex) around midnight at Saturday. We were deciding on what movie to catch, she wanted to watch Bridget Jones's Diary. I wasn't too keen on watching a chick flick at midnight but there seemed to be no other alternatives...until a poster on the wall caught my eye.

It was a poster for a movie called London Voodoo. It seemed scary enough, and at the bottom of the poster was a list of awards that it had won, including Best Feature at the Boston Film Festival. So I persuaded my friend to go watch that instead, and so we bought 2 tickets for the 2 am show.

It turned out to be the biggest mistake I made this year. This movie turned out to be utter crap. (SPOILER AHEAD) Basically the movie is about an American couple that moved to London because the hubby had a job opening there. The wife finds a strange tomb in their cellar while it was being renovated, and some spirit enters her. You know she has been possessed because she looks upwards and her eyes start fluttering. A group of black people who know the ways of the voodoo try to warn him, but he refuses to believe them. (don't read further if you are gonna watch it)

In the meantime they also hired a babysitter who (despite her excellent references) turns out to be a psychotic nymphomaniac who tries to jump the hubby as soon as she sees him. Oh and she tries to kill the wife by taking advantage of an allergy of hers, but decides in the end to save her. By the way the babysitter has nothing to do with the main plot, she isn't part of the whole voodoo conspiracy - that would have at least made some sense. And despite the fact that the wife acts extremely more irrationally each passing day she doesn't flee. Oh she also carved the hubby's name into her thigh with a fork.

Finally the voodoo spirit completely takes over the wife. We know this because she transforms herself into a Goth chick and smears lipstick all over her face. She then scalps the babysitter and then attacks the hubby , as she needs his body as a vessel to bring back another spirit. But she gets knocked out with a frying pan. Yup epic battle that was.

The hubby then drives her to a beach where the black people who knows the way of the voodoo helps him tie her up. He then tries to remind her about who she was and that he loved her, after which she regains control of herself. Love conquers all it seems.

I seriously have no idea how such a bad movie could get a Best Feature award. It was not in the least bit scary, and the story and several scenes made absolutely no sense. Don't waste your money on this one like I did.

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