Thursday, January 13, 2005

iPod Shuffle: Random is the new Order

Apple has again come out with an innovative new product called the iPOD shuffle. The amazing thing about it is its revolutionary shuffle feature! Yes you have the option of listening to your songs in a totally randomized fashion! How cool is that !!! In fact it's so cool that they decided that you wouldn't even wanna skip to a particular song or know what song you are listening to; that is why the player does not include an LCD screen.

So if you uploaded 1 GB (the maximum storage) of songs and you wanted to scroll forward to a particular song you can't! Well you can actually, just listen to like the first 10 seconds of each song as you scroll through them until you find the correct one. That's only 1 GB/ 5 MB = 200 songs max. that you need to scroll through. No biggie. But you shouldn't even do that because that would be so NOT cool. Shuffling is cool. Get the iPod Shuffle now and be cool.

Disclaimer : I haven't tried out the iPod Shuffle. But the cool "No LCD" feature really got me excited so I had to blog about it. A friend is getting one soon though. He's cool.

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