Saturday, January 15, 2005

I feel so stupid : Sober version

I went with a gal friend of mine to Bark Cafe yesterday night to have some drinks. Had a really nice time - we were bitching about work, about how it's scary that we are in our mid 20s but still unsure about what our future holds career-wise. We talked about a lot of other stuff but I can't remember any of it now, although I do vaguely remember we discussing Murphy's Law and philosophy at one point. (Just to show the chicks out there that I am pretty deep)

Anyway we left the place around 2:30 am. Both of us were pretty high by then and we had trouble walking straight, and there was no cab in sight. Fortunately , a cab came by in around 15 minutes. I dropped her off first. When I reached my place, the meter showeed 13 dollars. I took out 2 five dollar notes and 2 two dollar notes and passed it to the cabbie. He gave me a strange look for a moment and then gave me back my $1 dollar change. I got out of the cab and walked towards the lift.

But I suddenly had this strange feeling - something was wrong. I checked my wallet and realised there was a 50 dollar note missing. I had mistakenly gave the cabbie a 50 instead of a 5, and he decided to take advantage of my less than sober state and not point out my mistake. I really hope he puts the money to good use. Like maybe go visit a prostitute who gives him herpes or something.

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