Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bad Boys Bad Boys whatcha gonna do...

Feline had a pretty interesting post about the bad boys phenomenon. Basically the fact of the matter is the bad boys usually get the chicks. It sucks like hell but it's true. Nice guys really do finish last.

A gal friend once told me that I was too safe. In retort I told her I had grown out of that phase a long time ago; I used to be a really bad boy in my teenage years. I did some crazy stuff back then, stuff I wouldn't even think of doing now. I am talking things like making my mom cry by overstepping my 9 pm curfew by an hour (sometimes even two). Or switching on and off the hall lights repeatedly just to piss her off. Or skipping dinner that she had lovingly prepared for me when I got angry.

Yep I was a real hellraiser back then. But finally we got into counseling together and worked out our differences, and I gradually lost all of that pent up rage I was feeling inside. I am still sometimes tempted to go back to being a bad boy, but thanks to my sense of self-discipline and the Lord I have managed to resist it. But who knows, one day the temptation might be too great. I pray every night to God that it will never happen, not for myself but for the sake of my friends.

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