Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The attributes of the stereotypical indian gal

This is inspired by jean's entry about why chinese men don't interest her.

  1. They always like to ask me whether I had dinner/lunch. And then they proceed to ask me exactly what I ate. I don't get it. could you pick a dumber topic to talk about? Who gives damn what I eat everyday, if I had something really special then I would probably mention it. What's next? Are you gonna ask me the details about my last bowel movement? Where does it all end!

  2. Their overprotective moms. I can't stand them. Every indian mom has this inherent fear that their daughter will one day come back pregnant with twins. Because of this, their times where they can actually go out are severely limited, usually its from noon to 8 pm. The reasoning behind this timing is because couples only have sex at night in Indian movies. So they believe that as long as their precious daughter is at home by bedtime she will have no chance of getting pregnant.

  3. Their lack of knowledge about English movies/tv shows/books unless it's in Tamil or Hindi. Jesus would it kill them to actually explore the American/British media once in a while? They do speak English so I don't see any reason why they shouldn't. I left out music because most of them do listen to English music, although it's almost exclusively the Nelly/Jay-Z type.

K will stop here. And no I am not generalising, there are some indian women whom I have met who do not fit the stereotypes, but unfortunately they have been few and far between. I am sure there are more out there, but yeah can't seem to find them.

Oh ya I would like to also extend a warm middle finger to all those people who ONLY contact me WHEN they need help, usually for IT support. I got two such requests this week, the first one I politely said I couldn't help, the second I got pissed and added that I will talk to her the next time she calls or smses me when she needs help. Jesus, you help them out once and they take advantage and start calling you everytime they need help, otherwise you don't even exist. So no more helping people unless I get something out of it. That will be my resolution for this year.

Ya ya I am in a testy mood today. ROAR! Work blows.

Sometimes I wonder if I am too nice,
I often feel embarassed to reject them, eventhough a simple NO would suffice.
But yeah today it all ends,
From now on I shall only give a damm,
About the few who I call my friends.

From now on for every post I shall have a little rhyme at the end,
I stole the idea from Dawn's blog, of hers I am a big fan
She has haikus on the end of every post, and she's as funny as she's hot
I tried doing haikus well but gave up quickly, it's much harder than I thought.

So I am sticking to what I do best, that is rhymes
Cos they are simple to do and take way less time
Oh and before I forget, a shoutout to keith as well,
His limerick post was the one who got me started rhyming again, so thanks pal.


  1. i need help, i mean i no wht a typical indian/ pakitani women is but how would u define her in words? whts her life journey?

  2. Ha this post is 3 years old, and it's tongue in cheek.