Monday, January 31, 2005

I am engaged!

Good news everyone! Yours truly is now engaged to a amazing young woman, her name is Sitaristi and she's the gal I been looking for all my life. How did I meet her you ask? Let me tell you.

I was walking along this dirt track heading towards a village when I saw this beautiful Indian gal sitting outside a hut. I knew immediately that she was the ONE (because she had the same kind of boobs my dream gal had), so I quickly ran up to her and planted a big fat wet one on her pouty lips. The poor gal started sobbing in fear and ran into the house. Moments later her mom and dad came out of the house and informed me that I had insulted their daughter's honor, and that no man will ever marry her now. They offered me the choice to either marry her or die, and after much consideration I chose the former.

The wedding is gonna be two weeks from now at a temple nearby and we are all excited about it. Sita says she is looking forward to pleasing her husband (aka me) for the rest of my life to repay me for saving her honor; well at least that's what my translator says because she doesn't speak English. I mean she's so happy she's been crying incessantly, I felt so touched seeing tears of joy rolling down her cheek. The family has also accepted me as one of their own, as long as I never eat beef again.

I will keep you guys updated on the wedding preparations and don't worry I will post pictures of the wedding as well. I just wanna say that I never been happier in my life, and to those who are still looking for their special someone I would just like to say your Sita is waiting for you out there as well so don't give up hope.

On Sunday I left for Bangalore
Yes I admit now, I went there to look for a whore
But as luck would have it I met my dream gal, my soulmate
Maybe it isn't luck, I believe now it was fate
She's great but a little naive, a lot of things she has not seen,
But there's a lot of time for her, after all she's only eighteen.
She will cook, clean and fulfill my needs and wants
I can't wait till we are married, we are going to have a lot of fun!

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Off to Bangalore

Will be gone for a week,
Hopefully there I will find what I seek,
If as planned all goes well,
When I am back you will hear wedding bells.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

The attributes of the stereotypical Indian guy

  1. The moustache

    He is never without one. I never got the reasoning behind it to be honest. If you wanna keep your facial hair than fine keep all of it, why only conserve the hair above your mouth while shaving everything else below it right up to the neck)? I had one just after I reached puberty, but it was so damm annoying, food would get stuck when I eat, it would itch like hell in hot weather etc. Got rid of it after I learned how to shave.

  2. Huge Ego

    Never outright reject an Indian man when he makes a move on you. Always come up with some lame excuse (like you have an STD) to make him think that it's not him, it's you. Oh, and cry and whine about how cruel fate is for not letting you have him like you so want to. A friend of mine made the unfortunate mistake of rejecting this guy, he got pissed and went around telling all his friend that she was a slut who screwed anything that moves. And the local Indian community is really small and pretty close-knit so it didn't take long for it to go around. Don't say I never warn you.

  3. Mamma's Boy

    Traditional Indian moms treat their sons and husbands like gold. I have heard stories about how some Indian guys get their food served to them on the dinner table by their moms and sisters. And after they eat, they immediately leave the table to leave the dishes to be cleared by the womenfolk. The word housework is also alien to them.

  4. Extremely possessive

    They control what their girlfriends wear, usually their preferred choice of clothing would be a nun's habit, mainly because they are the only one with the right to see their girlfriend's cleavage and more. The girlfriend is also not to go out with or talk to any other guy even if he is around, doing so will embarrass him as he will be ridiculed by his peers for not being able to control his woman.

  5. Choice of movies

    They favor movies with a lot of fighting (Steven Seagal, Van Damme) because it's the closest thing to Indian movies (which also feature a lot of fights). They love wrestling for the same reason.

  6. Choice of clothing

    Hip-hop. Plaster on cheek ala Nelly highly recommended. As a result, some of them are referred to as 'tiggers' ( the t stands for tamil)

  7. Double standards

    They insist that they want to marry a good (read: virgin) girl when they finally settle down, doesn't matter if they aren't one themselves. Non-virgin gals are fun to screw, but they do not make good wives.

Did I miss anything out?

I ain't anything like the typical Indian man
In fact a lot of their habits I just can't stand
The reason for that, if you might just be wondering
Is that I had a very non-Indian upbringing
For that I gotta thank my grandma's influence, she was chinese
She was a mean old bitch but she did good as well, so granny rest in peace.
Sometimes I do regret the fact that I lost my roots to my culture.
But then again I don't think I can ever imagine myself being the typical indian guy, or even worse a tigger!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Desperate Housewives : First Episode

Finally saw the much hyped about series on Monday night and......well I wasn't too impressed to be honest. The part where Teri Hatcher tried to clog her pipe got a laugh from me, but other than that I thought it was pretty boring. Same old stereotypes - the lonely divorcee, the horny divorcee who only wants men for sex, the artificially perfect wife etc. But then again I didn't get the hype about Sex In The City as well. Gonna give it a few more episodes before I give up.

But it's sad though, I used to look forward to watching dramas at 10 or 11 every weekday night, but now they have all been replaced by reality shows. My favourite shows like The Practice are either pushed back to ungodly hours or cancelled (24, Ed). And what do we have on prime time you ask? Well we get crappy locally produced sitcoms like Living with Lydia, Achar! and Phua Chu Kang.

I saw the trailer for Achar! yesterday. This is a snippet:

Husband: (holding a plant) Do you know what the plant said to the nagging wife?
Nagging Wife: What?
Husband : LEAF me alone!

Yup that's the quality of comedic writing here. I bet my dog can write better material.

Yesterday on Channel Five
I watched that show Desperate Housewives
It wasn't that funny as far as I can see.
But still it was way better than our local comedies.

The attributes of the stereotypical indian gal

This is inspired by jean's entry about why chinese men don't interest her.

  1. They always like to ask me whether I had dinner/lunch. And then they proceed to ask me exactly what I ate. I don't get it. could you pick a dumber topic to talk about? Who gives damn what I eat everyday, if I had something really special then I would probably mention it. What's next? Are you gonna ask me the details about my last bowel movement? Where does it all end!

  2. Their overprotective moms. I can't stand them. Every indian mom has this inherent fear that their daughter will one day come back pregnant with twins. Because of this, their times where they can actually go out are severely limited, usually its from noon to 8 pm. The reasoning behind this timing is because couples only have sex at night in Indian movies. So they believe that as long as their precious daughter is at home by bedtime she will have no chance of getting pregnant.

  3. Their lack of knowledge about English movies/tv shows/books unless it's in Tamil or Hindi. Jesus would it kill them to actually explore the American/British media once in a while? They do speak English so I don't see any reason why they shouldn't. I left out music because most of them do listen to English music, although it's almost exclusively the Nelly/Jay-Z type.

K will stop here. And no I am not generalising, there are some indian women whom I have met who do not fit the stereotypes, but unfortunately they have been few and far between. I am sure there are more out there, but yeah can't seem to find them.

Oh ya I would like to also extend a warm middle finger to all those people who ONLY contact me WHEN they need help, usually for IT support. I got two such requests this week, the first one I politely said I couldn't help, the second I got pissed and added that I will talk to her the next time she calls or smses me when she needs help. Jesus, you help them out once and they take advantage and start calling you everytime they need help, otherwise you don't even exist. So no more helping people unless I get something out of it. That will be my resolution for this year.

Ya ya I am in a testy mood today. ROAR! Work blows.

Sometimes I wonder if I am too nice,
I often feel embarassed to reject them, eventhough a simple NO would suffice.
But yeah today it all ends,
From now on I shall only give a damm,
About the few who I call my friends.

From now on for every post I shall have a little rhyme at the end,
I stole the idea from Dawn's blog, of hers I am a big fan
She has haikus on the end of every post, and she's as funny as she's hot
I tried doing haikus well but gave up quickly, it's much harder than I thought.

So I am sticking to what I do best, that is rhymes
Cos they are simple to do and take way less time
Oh and before I forget, a shoutout to keith as well,
His limerick post was the one who got me started rhyming again, so thanks pal.

Bad Boys Bad Boys whatcha gonna do...

Feline had a pretty interesting post about the bad boys phenomenon. Basically the fact of the matter is the bad boys usually get the chicks. It sucks like hell but it's true. Nice guys really do finish last.

A gal friend once told me that I was too safe. In retort I told her I had grown out of that phase a long time ago; I used to be a really bad boy in my teenage years. I did some crazy stuff back then, stuff I wouldn't even think of doing now. I am talking things like making my mom cry by overstepping my 9 pm curfew by an hour (sometimes even two). Or switching on and off the hall lights repeatedly just to piss her off. Or skipping dinner that she had lovingly prepared for me when I got angry.

Yep I was a real hellraiser back then. But finally we got into counseling together and worked out our differences, and I gradually lost all of that pent up rage I was feeling inside. I am still sometimes tempted to go back to being a bad boy, but thanks to my sense of self-discipline and the Lord I have managed to resist it. But who knows, one day the temptation might be too great. I pray every night to God that it will never happen, not for myself but for the sake of my friends.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Entry of the week ( 2 weeks ago)

I saw this entry 2 weeks ago and I really loved it, was gonna blog about it then but forgot. But better late than never right. Click the title to read it.

Review : Shall We Dance

Been hanging out at the sister's place since Thursday evening, and on a whim this afternoon we decided to go watch "Shall We Dance", a movie starring Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez. I do love dancing movies, Dirty Dancing is one of my favourite movies despite its cheesiness and I highly appreciate dancing in porn as well.

My love for dance can be attributed to my mom, she used to always tell me one thing when I was a kid - "Son, you can be fat and ugly but if you can dance the chicks will come". I took those words to heart and started emulating dance legends like Fred Astaire and John Travolta and the Bee Gees. I would dance whenever and wherever I could, despite the fact that it got me beat up pretty often in primary school. Yup they used to try and break my legs to stop me but thankfully they never succeeded. Hey this was how school was back in those days.

In high school there was this gal I was really interested in but was always too shy to approach. But one day I asked her to the prom dance and amazingly she said yes. I was looking forward to impressing her with my dance moves that night.

That night came and as the music started playing I started doing my thing. The music was unfamiliar to me, it was some guy called Vanilla Ice but it didn't matter. I started twirling and skipping around the dancefloor. I felt like I was one with the dancefloor; that I was but an extension of it and everything else was just a blur, at one point it seemed as if I was alone on that floor. Pretty soon I noticed that everyone else had stopped dancing and were watching in awe the amazing spectacle (AKA me) before them. Finally the music stopped, and I stood silent waiting for the applause.

But what I got was laughter and jeers. And worse of all my date was joining them in laughing at me. Confusion turned quickly to embarrassment, and then to anger. How dare she laughed at me. I walked out of there with my head held high, with the laughter still ringing in my ears. I got my revenge that night, my date never knew what hit her as she walked back home, don't think she will ever be able to smile again. That will teach her to laugh at me. But I have yet to dance since that night and probably never will.

Anyway I digress, back to the movie. The one good point about the movie was J Lo's hot as hell bod. Man she has a body to die for and she knows how to work it. Bad points: Almost everything else! J Lo spends way too much time looking unhappy and forlorn and not moving her butt! For a dance movie there really isn't that much dancing, and even then the scenes are relatively tame (the waltz is not sexy). Can't believe Susan Sarandon acted in this, she was completely wasted in her role as the wife. I wouldn't really recommend it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

My first ever credit card experience

I finally got my credit card a week ago. Before this I never had any, and neither did my parents. I knew more or less how to use it to pay the bill at restaurants and stuff, but wasn't too clear how to do it over the phone or online. Anyway I ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut on Monday, because every Supreme pizza you order on that day comes with FREE 10 piece drumlets and a serving of garlic bread. The gal on the line took my order..and then...

Gal: So do you wanna pay by cash or card?
Me: Cash....wait I think I would like to pay by card. I just got my card yesterday!
(K I think I sounded a little too excited because she started giggling)
Me: But how do I go about paying by card, do I like give the details to you or to the pizza guy when he arrives.
Gal: (laughs) You give your details now to me , the 16 digit number on your card, your expiry date and the name on the card.

So I gave her the details, although she got my card number wrong the first time, I had to repeat it twice. But after I put down the phone I started thinking. What happens if she uses my card details and carries out online transactions with it? How do they prevent that from happening? And I started worrying about whether I gave her more details than necessary, I shouldn't have told her I was a first time user. I wanted to call a friend (who works in a bank) immediately and ask him about it, but didn't wanna appear stupid. Anyway I asked my colleagues about it the next day and they told me it was possible, but if it ever happens you can deny making the purchase/transaction. But still it sounds awfully insecure to me.

Anyway when the pizza arrived all I had to do is sign for it. It was so easy, it almost felt like I was getting the pizza for free. Now I know why people love credit cards so much. I am definitely going to be using it really often from now on.

K on hindsight it was dumb of me to think that I could give the pizza guy my credit card details. Hey we all make dumb mistakes once in a while. I ain't perfect alright!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Yes I haven't been blogging

I know, I know, I haven't been blogging.
That's because at work, I been slogging.
I been preparing for my trip to Bangalore.
I will be there for 5 days, and then it's back to good old Singapore.
I got 2 weeks to prepare all the materials for the training.
The deadline is a little tight, and so far it has been very draining.
There was this moment at work when I thought of a topic to blog,
But then the very next second work got to me, and what it was, I completely forgot.
So do expect to see less entries till the end of the month.
Life's gonna be all work and no play for the next two weeks, hell it will probably be more boring than a nun's.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

I am the Limerick King!!

Click the title of the post, and go read the comments on that page. Start from the bottom of the page.

I feel so stupid : Sober version

I went with a gal friend of mine to Bark Cafe yesterday night to have some drinks. Had a really nice time - we were bitching about work, about how it's scary that we are in our mid 20s but still unsure about what our future holds career-wise. We talked about a lot of other stuff but I can't remember any of it now, although I do vaguely remember we discussing Murphy's Law and philosophy at one point. (Just to show the chicks out there that I am pretty deep)

Anyway we left the place around 2:30 am. Both of us were pretty high by then and we had trouble walking straight, and there was no cab in sight. Fortunately , a cab came by in around 15 minutes. I dropped her off first. When I reached my place, the meter showeed 13 dollars. I took out 2 five dollar notes and 2 two dollar notes and passed it to the cabbie. He gave me a strange look for a moment and then gave me back my $1 dollar change. I got out of the cab and walked towards the lift.

But I suddenly had this strange feeling - something was wrong. I checked my wallet and realised there was a 50 dollar note missing. I had mistakenly gave the cabbie a 50 instead of a 5, and he decided to take advantage of my less than sober state and not point out my mistake. I really hope he puts the money to good use. Like maybe go visit a prostitute who gives him herpes or something.

I feel so stupid

I feel so stupid. Went drinking with a friend earlier. Took a cab, sent her back and then went back to my place. The fare came up to 13 dollars. I gave him 2 five dollar notes and 2 two dollar notes. Took my change. Got out of the cab. Then for some reason felt the urge to check my wallet. Checked it and realised that I gave him a 50 instead of a 5. Cab had already sped off. Bloody asshole cab driver probably noticed that I was pretty wasted so decided to take advantage of my mistake by playing dumb. Arrgh I feel so stupid. Off to bed now.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

iPod Shuffle: Random is the new Order

Apple has again come out with an innovative new product called the iPOD shuffle. The amazing thing about it is its revolutionary shuffle feature! Yes you have the option of listening to your songs in a totally randomized fashion! How cool is that !!! In fact it's so cool that they decided that you wouldn't even wanna skip to a particular song or know what song you are listening to; that is why the player does not include an LCD screen.

So if you uploaded 1 GB (the maximum storage) of songs and you wanted to scroll forward to a particular song you can't! Well you can actually, just listen to like the first 10 seconds of each song as you scroll through them until you find the correct one. That's only 1 GB/ 5 MB = 200 songs max. that you need to scroll through. No biggie. But you shouldn't even do that because that would be so NOT cool. Shuffling is cool. Get the iPod Shuffle now and be cool.

Disclaimer : I haven't tried out the iPod Shuffle. But the cool "No LCD" feature really got me excited so I had to blog about it. A friend is getting one soon though. He's cool.

I am off to Bangalore to find me a wife!

I shall be heading to Bangalore on the 24th of this month on business. Might look around for a prospective village bride while I am there and have the time. The problem with Singaporean women is that they don't treat men like God, eventhough evidence in the bible proves that the first woman was formed from a man's rib.

You would think that giving up a rib and being the sole reason for her existence would make women grateful. But no it ain't enough. It's never enough. They want more. They want equal rights. Well give me back my rib and we will call it equal. They want men to do housework. Well I would love to but the missing rib makes it unbearingly difficult to sweep.

Anyway that's why I decided to get a nice little village girl. Those village girls know how to treat their men right. I used to watch those Tamil movies in the past, and they would always have scenes where the hero slaps the gal to put the arrogant bitch in her place. And the gal, after being slapped, realizes what a spoiled bitch she was and falls in love with the guy for being man enough to hit her. I swear I am not making this up, that is how amazing the gals there are. Here you try slap a chick to put her in her place, the next thing you know you are in jail waiting to be tried on assault and battery charges.

Yup so hopefully I get to see some young hot chicklets as I scour around the villages looking for the lucky gal who I will give an amazing life to, a life without any more poverty. And all she needs to do in return is cook, clean and massage my feet or any other extremities that require massaging. Of course she will need to declare her love to me physically whenever I demand it. And accede to any requests requiring the use of handcuffs, whips, sheep and/or candlewax without complaining. I don't think I would be able to find a woman here who will do that. But those village gals - they will do it, they will do anything to please their husband, their god. They just don't make women like that here anymore.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I love accompanying women when they shop for clothes. Don't get me wrong , I hate shopping. I hate it like I hate lying deceiving scums who screw me over when I least expected it. Oh sorry we were talking about shopping here. "Why then do you like accompanying women when they shop?", you ask. Well it's good that you did. I shall tell ya.

The good part is when the women go into the changing room to try on the clothes while you wait outside the door. For that couple of minutes, you know that gal friend of yours is taking her top off just a few feet from ya, only separated by a door. That's just one of those moments that guys live for. And usually I would recommend the most whore-ish clothes for them to wear. They usually try them out and let me see them in it for my opinion. After I had my fill of ogling, I will then make an innocent remark about how it might be a little too revealing for her. So basically I would be the only person who would have seen her in that whore-ish outfit! How ingenious/cool is that!

So ladies, the next time a guy friend seems really eager to accompany you when you shop for clothes, you know why. Yes I know what you are thinking and I agree, men are pervs. And I am one of the better ones.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Eating disorders

This article from BBC talks about a study that was done recently to investigate the reasoning for why women are 10 times more likely to suffer from eating disorders than men.

Scientists found the female brain responds differently to a man's when exposed to certain words concerned with body image.

The findings may provide an explanation for why ten times as many women develop anorexia and bulimia than men.

Gee and here I thought the media was largely to blame - for example by potraying images of slim models/actresses incessantly, for showing slimming ads that are almost always targeted towards women and play on their insecurities about their weight and figure.

I thought that these were the main factors that have made a lot of women feel like crap for not being able to attain that perfect figure, and probably caused some of them to develop eating disorders. Guess I was wrong, it's just a biological thing.

Click on the post's title to read Charlene's entry on it as well as a link to the original article.


Woohoo it's Monday! I been waiting for this day forever, well since Friday but it seems like forever. You know that great feeling of going back to work and doing what you love to do. I wish I could work 25 hours a day. I love this job that I am doing. I LOVE IT. I love it so much that I wanna make love to it.

Oh well if you haven't read about it, Braddy "Ice Man" Pitt and Jennifer "There is life after Friends" Aniston have separated ! Amen to that! The former most eligible bachelor is now eligible again! Can you believe it? When I heard the news I was like "Woohoo!! It's about time!" Now I can swoon over him in Oceans 12 when I go see it, without feeling guilty for lusting over a married person. Those pecs. Those shoulders. That "I'm so cool in my shades that you should pay me to touch my weenie" vibe. So sexy. I wanna lick him like a lollipop. Yum.

Oh it's such a glorious day! Oh wait I mentioned it already! I feel so great that I wanna hug this guy in the desk beside me just to spread some of the joy I am feeling. But he looks at me with eyes of fear, and I don't know why. Why do men fear other men? Why don't we just love each other like God intended? Love each other my brothers and sisters. For there is only so much love you can give yourself before it starts getting sad. Believe me I know.

Have a great week everyone!

Listened to:

Emotive by A Perfect Circle
Funeral by The Arcade Fire
Crimes by Blood Brothers
Steal This Album! by System of A Down

Sunday, January 09, 2005

N.Y.D.C sucks and I got books.

Was with 3 gal friends at N.Y.D.C cafe at Suntec City earlier today. Another really overhyped cafe in my opinion, food wasn't that great considering the price. It was nice catching up with them though, haven't seen 2 of them for almost 2 years now. One of them called me a hunk. If I had a dollar everytime I heard that...

Oh the National Library had their clearance sale there as well - every year they put up thousands of old books for sale at only $2 each. But by the time we got there most of the best stuff was gone. I got myself a biography of Andy Kaufman, a book on cluster computing, a possibly ourdated travel guide regarding the various places in Europe to travel and the festivals they have, a book on writing good resumes and finally a novel that had a story similar to Dead Man Walking. But it was a little ugly, quite a few times I got pushed aside by people who wanted to get to the books. Is an "excuse me" too much to ask for ?

Listened to :

Funeral by Arcade Fire
Crimes by Blood Brothers
Steal This Album! by System of A Down

Saturday, January 08, 2005

McCafe sucks and I was a pussy

Oh god it does. I was at the McCafe just below Lido, ordered a Mocha Frap and it tasted like grounded ice mixed with coffee powder. It was more like a Mocha Crap. K that was corny but I blame the drink it really messed my head up. Yet McCafe was full of people, I don't get it.

Stumbled into a friend and her boyfriend while I was there. Some guys make me nervous everytime I see them - her boyfriend was one of those guys. I just have this feeling he doesn't like me talking to his woman or something. He had this look in his eyes while I was talking to her briefly. A look of pure hate. A look that said "Don't let your eyes wander down to her chest or I will pluck them out of your sockets". I haven't felt a look that intense since that fateful day at Madam Wong's a year back. Althought that time, it was a more of "You don't belong here you bangla" look.

But yeah anyway back to the encounter yesterday. Like I said I was getting nervous, i t felt like he might take a swing at me right there if I said or did anything, so I just talked really little and tried not to make any sudden movements. Hey the guy was a pretty stout looking guy, I could have taken him but unfortunately I have this condition that make me bruise really easily and it's life-threatening. Unfortunately the gal friend I was with was completely turned off by what she thought was a display of cowardice by me. She left soon afterwards despite my efforts to explain my medical condition. Sigh women.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Jumping on the religion debate bandwagon

Been reading with great interest Xiaxue's last couple of posts regarding religion. I wouldn't wanna be the Fux guy. Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn.

Anyway religion is a topic I usually stay away from. It's controversial and almost always leads to really heated debates because most people have such strong views about it. But I saw her get 100+ comments on one post and got jealous, so I shall talk about it now.

I was raised as a Catholic. Went to religious classes at this church called Our Lady of Perpetual Succor at Siglap till I was 16, after which I got confirmed. I remember my uncle asking me how I felt just after I got confirmed. I told him I felt ok, I didn't feel anything different.

Immediately I got chastised by him for feeling that way; he told me I just received the holy spirit and it was not right to feel "just OK". I was confused, I didn't understand his reaction, I mean I couldn't help what I was feeling could I? Or would it have been better for me to have lied and said something like "I feel more alive than I ever felt before!". But yeah that was just the beginning.

As time goes by I grew more and more unhappy with the church and its rules. For example they would denounce masturbation as a sin. If you were fantasizing about someone "without their knowledge", then its basically the same as coveting them. And one of the ten commandments explicitly states that "thou shall not covet". Well that really troubled me because by that definition, I was sinning around 5 times a day - hey I was a horny teenager with raging hormones alright. Fine fine I was jerking the chain more than 10 times a day happy? But anyway, the point is I didn't agree with that, because as far as I was concerned I wasn't disturbing anyone else so I didn't see what the big deal was.

Other things troubled me as well. Like how at the end of the mass a lot of people would rush out of the church before the final hymn was even finished. It just seemed so fake (not to mention disrespectful) to me - it was obvious for those people, mass was more of an obligation rather than something they wanted to do. But I wondered why the priests put up with it, why didn't they do anything to stop it.

Also I had Christian friends who would denounce the Catholic faith. They would quote from the bible and tell me it's wrong to pray to Mother Mary because she isn't a God. Or that Confession is ridiculous because you don't need a middleman to talk to God. Or how the concept of the Holy Trinity didn't make sense. It would be alright if they were curious and wanted to find out more about those aspects of the faith that were different from their own. But it was obvious it was not curiosity that fueled their questions, it was prejudice. But the same type of prejudice was exhibited by the priests at my church during their sermons towards Christian religions.

I also started questioning my faith in God. Will not go into that in detail, but in the end decided I would rather not be a Catholic than be a half-past-six one. I always thought especially when it comes to religion you either follow it wholeheartedly or not at all. I seen a lot of my fellow Catholics who only follow the rules of the Church when it suits them and I didn't want to do the same because it made me feel like a hypocrite.

So now I live by one rule. I do anything I want as long as I don't affect others negatively with my actions. And I apply the same rule to others when I am trying to decide if they are right or wrong. I think the problem with society today is that beliefs/behavior/actions that are out of the norm are often unfairly judged to be morally wrong by people, even if they do not affect them directly. People who hold those beliefs get ridiculed, insulted and in some extreme cases shunned by society.

So in conclusion I don't care who prays to what. As long as you don't annoy or even worse, display prejudice towards someone because of your beliefs.

K now leave as many comments as you can - I wanna reach 100 as well.

Update : Unfortunately she has removed the post about the Fux guy after he apologised.

Review: Meet the Fockers

I didn't really love it to be honest. Most of the jokes were pretty lame. Jesus at one point it seemed like they were trying to see how many Focker jokes they could make in a space of 2 hours. Well it's definitely hell of a lot I give them that. Other jokes involve a baby cursing repeatedly and a dog humping everything it can gets its paws on. Check your brain at the door for this one.

But yeah there were a couple of funny moments which I will not divulge here, but they are few and far between. Overall it's a barely passable movie. My advice is to watch it on the weekdays and pay 6.50. Anything more would be a waste. But that's me, most of my friends who have seen it think it's funny as hell.

Been listening to two really amazing albums, Crimes by Blood Brothers and Steal This Album! by System of a Down. The latter was an X'mas present from a cousin and it turned out to the best one I got. They are officially my favourite band right now, all 3 of their albums have been nothing short of mind-blowing and I can't wait till their new album comes out later this year. And I also been salivating in anticipation of Mars Volta's new album which will be released in March. It's gonna be an album with a single song that is gonna be 70 minutes long. Well Mars Volta are nothing if not ambitious.

Yup looks like it's gonna be a great year in terms of music.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Taking 2nd chances

Yes after a brief hiatus I have decided to put myself on the line once again. The last experience was truly excrutiating and it's something I definitely do not want to go through again. To tell you the truth, I have been looking back at it in anger and disappointment for the past week.

It's hard when you spend so much time and effort on something and it just turns to be a complete waste of time. But after much thought I told myself that I cannot, and should not, let my actions be influenced by just one bad experience. Or two. Sooner or later one of those experiences will turn out to be a good one, it's the law of probability.

Yes I have decided to go to the cinemas again. I will be watching 'Meet the Fockers' later this evening. I am kinda nervous, even afraid that it will turn out to be just like my last experience. But they don't call me Stallion for nothing. I take chances and uncalculated risks. That's what I do. That's who I am. You will know by tomorrow whether my gamble paid off.

The brownster had a post about the possibility that the government has started cracking down on downloading of huge amounts (+100MB) copyright material including mp3s and anime. Man what a way to start off the new year. All I care about is whether or not porn fall into this category as well. If you do know, please tell me ASAP. I'm only asking....err...for a friend, sis (if you are reading this). Till then I will tell him to download 90 MB max. each time.

Listening to

Steal This Album! - System of A Down
Crimes by Blood Brothers

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Rejecting women (cont.)

Thanks for the feedback regarding my last entry. But I am no closer to a solution. Some women said they would rather be told directly. Others said it would be rude and a better way would be to ignore her calls/smses/emails till she gets the hint. So I am back to square one, so I shall continue with my "Bye! I will call you *wink wink*" method. The wink is to momentarily confuse them about whether I really meant it while I make my escape. Whether they are still confused after that doesn't really matter because I am never seeing them again.

And there was an "interesting" idea of using forms by Dawn. I actually think it could be a rather good idea if both parties are willing. Both parties could, at the end of the date, give comments on what they did like and didn't like about the other person. Like some chicks seem not to like me picking my nose even if I am polite enough say "excuse me" before I do it. Or some of them get offended when I accidentally rub their leg with mine under the table repeatedly. (FYI I have a disorder that causes my leg to twitch) It would be good because you could learn from your mistakes and not repeat them on your next date.

Of course it should be constructive criticism. I don't mean the "you are so ugly even my grandma wouldn't date you" kinda criticism. That's just cruel and insensitive - I don't do that anymore. Now I just tell them something like "Maybe you should show more cleavage so that it draws attention away from your face.". That's what you call constructive criticism - don't just criticize, offer helpful suggestions as well.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

One for the ladies

I have a question for the women. Let's say I go out on a date with a chick, and at the end I decide I do not wanna see her anymore for some perfectly justifiable reason (like maybe her boobs aren't big enough), then how do I let her know that in the nicest way possible?

I do not wanna be an asshole and tell her I don't wanna see her anymore. But I do not wanna give her false hope and tell her I will call her when I ain't going to. For guys its alright we are used to rejection. K well I am at least. One gal I was interested in told me there was completely no sexual tension between us and I shouldn't bother anymore. Yup true story, she was the brutally honest type. But yeah I wasn't too bothered by it. She actually thought I was crying after she told me, that stupid woman, I was like "hello haven't you heard of dust? Not everything that happens is because of you!"

I think there should be a sign that lets the gal know that she didn't make the grade. Like for example, at the end of the date I could tell her I will call her. Then as I am walking away from her I will flash her a V sign. The V sign will let her know that I was basically bullshitting and that it was the last time she would see me. But at least she wouldn't feel humiliated or degraded.

So what do the gals think? What you like the guy to say if he doesn't wanna call or go out with ya anymore?

Listening to:

Crimes by The Blood Brothers
Miss Machine by The Dillinger Escape Plan

Monday, January 03, 2005

Movie Review: London Voodoo

Was with a friend at Orchard Cineleisure (a local cineplex) around midnight at Saturday. We were deciding on what movie to catch, she wanted to watch Bridget Jones's Diary. I wasn't too keen on watching a chick flick at midnight but there seemed to be no other alternatives...until a poster on the wall caught my eye.

It was a poster for a movie called London Voodoo. It seemed scary enough, and at the bottom of the poster was a list of awards that it had won, including Best Feature at the Boston Film Festival. So I persuaded my friend to go watch that instead, and so we bought 2 tickets for the 2 am show.

It turned out to be the biggest mistake I made this year. This movie turned out to be utter crap. (SPOILER AHEAD) Basically the movie is about an American couple that moved to London because the hubby had a job opening there. The wife finds a strange tomb in their cellar while it was being renovated, and some spirit enters her. You know she has been possessed because she looks upwards and her eyes start fluttering. A group of black people who know the ways of the voodoo try to warn him, but he refuses to believe them. (don't read further if you are gonna watch it)

In the meantime they also hired a babysitter who (despite her excellent references) turns out to be a psychotic nymphomaniac who tries to jump the hubby as soon as she sees him. Oh and she tries to kill the wife by taking advantage of an allergy of hers, but decides in the end to save her. By the way the babysitter has nothing to do with the main plot, she isn't part of the whole voodoo conspiracy - that would have at least made some sense. And despite the fact that the wife acts extremely more irrationally each passing day she doesn't flee. Oh she also carved the hubby's name into her thigh with a fork.

Finally the voodoo spirit completely takes over the wife. We know this because she transforms herself into a Goth chick and smears lipstick all over her face. She then scalps the babysitter and then attacks the hubby , as she needs his body as a vessel to bring back another spirit. But she gets knocked out with a frying pan. Yup epic battle that was.

The hubby then drives her to a beach where the black people who knows the way of the voodoo helps him tie her up. He then tries to remind her about who she was and that he loved her, after which she regains control of herself. Love conquers all it seems.

I seriously have no idea how such a bad movie could get a Best Feature award. It was not in the least bit scary, and the story and several scenes made absolutely no sense. Don't waste your money on this one like I did.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

An Eulogy for Bobby

Bobby passed away earlier this morning, he was 12 years old.

Bobby was the one of the 5 puppies of my previous dog Ruby. We could only afford to keep one of them, the rest we had to give away. I wanted to keep Julie his sister, but my family voted on Bobby. I wasn't too pleased at that time; I could sense that he and me would not get along even when he was a tiny pup.

And I was proven right the next few years. For some reason, Bobby had this really annoying tendency to jump onto my bed and pee on it. At first, I tried to use gentle persuasion by scaring him and bringing him to the toilet everytime he did that. But it did not work. Everytime I came back from school I would find my bed soaked with his pee.

Finally I had enough and started beating the crap outta him with the cane each time he did it. Still he did not stop, he would continue peeing in my bed. And as soon as I came back from school he would immediately run and hide because he knew what was coming. But eventually (I think it took close to 4 months) he stopped doing that. Thank god because I was running out of mattresses to replace the soiled ones.

I guess it was his way of taking revenge on me for practicing all my WWF moves on him. I used to be a huge wrestling fan (hey this was 12 years ago you know), so I would do piledrivers and other silly moves on him. He would hate it but hell I was bigger than him so he couldn't do anything to stop me.

He used to love terrorizing cats, he would chase after strays whenever he saw one and I would be always afraid that one day he would hurt one of them. But then there was this incident that convinced me otherwise: I saw this really huge cat at the park one day while I was walking him, it was as big as a small dog I kid you not. As soon as Bobby saw it he made a dash for the poor animal. But the amazing thing was the cat didn't move, and Bobby crashed right into it. Then I heard a lot of yelping from Bobby and I figured he might have been scratched. I chased the cat away and hurriedly checked him for wounds - there were NONE! The bloody coward got freaked when the cat didn't budge and he started yelping like a pussy.

Eventually Ruby (his mom) passed away, think he was around 6 at the time. He took it really badly - he would bark and whine when no one was around in the house, especially in the afternoons when everyone is at work or school. I guess he found it hard to be alone after having his mum around all the time. My neighbours were the ones who actually alerted us to what he was doing because they were extremely loud and I think it was kinda annoying them.

Well call it fate or God's work, but a few months after Ruby passed away my dad found a dog at our doorstep. It was a shi tzu but it was really smelly and it had this really disgusting skin condition, it seemed to rotting. We took it to the vet and we found out it was a genetic hereditary condition that needed to be treated with shots every 2 months. Bobby had taken quite a liking to the little shi tzu, and apparently he stopped barking once he was around. So we decided to keep him and call him Boy.

The two had a fair amount of fights at first especially in the first year but after that they got pretty close. They did still fight over the food - mainly because of Bobby, that greedy bastard used to gulf down as much food as he could and steal Boy's, and this resulted in his gain in weight.

As age caught up with him, Bobby got more grumpy. He would be rather unfriendly to strangers unlike when he was younger. Also his health started deteriorating; he had developed a chronic cough and his sight was starting to go bad. But he still could walk fairly comfortably and only had problems moving around in the dark.

Early this morning I left for camp for Remedial Training, I had failed my annual physical fitness test last year. I got a call around 8 am that Bobby had apparently collapsed when my dad took him and Boy out for a walk. My dad carried him back home but before he entered the gate, Bobby started convulsing and foaming in the mouth. He was dead within a few minutes.

I guess it was his time to go. 12 years for a dog is pretty decent, his mom only lived up to 10. I would like to think he was fairly happy during those years, except the times when he got spanked/piledriver-ed by me. He has brought a lot of joy to our family, and I remember how I used to stroke his fur when I was upset because it used to calm me, and he would just sit and let me do it because he knew I was upset. Fine he probably stayed because it felt so good but hey its the effect that is important not the cause.

I am not sure how Boy would react to being alone now. I guess we have to see the next few days.