Thursday, December 23, 2004

Why are dogs cuter than men?

Sometimes I wonder how the Lord works. Every Xmas my sister invites her hot friends over. And they would go completely gaga over my dog, especially Boy (he's the white fellow in my blog profile picture). They will go on about how cute he is, hug him and shower him with kisses. And Boy loves the attention - he will whine and whimper when they put him down. That manipulative asshole.

First let me make it clear that it's not like I am jealous, it's silly to be jealous over a dog. But it sucks when I'm probably just as cute but I don't get the same treatment or at least close to it. In fact most of the time they either ignore me or cast disapproving glances in my direction while whispering among themselves. Especially when they catch me admiring (they would call it ogling) them. And when I try the whimpering trick Boy employs, they look at me like I'm crazy. I guess it doesn't work when guys do it.

But anyway my point is God kinda screwed up there. If he had made men look as cute to women as he did dogs, then we would be practically irresistible. And then we didn't need to try so goddamn hard to impress them.

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