Monday, December 13, 2004

Singapore Cane

I happened to chance upon this ECW wrestling match while channel surfing yesterday. Normally I would chuckle at two big sweaty men groping each other and immediately switch channels, but this time something stopped me. I heard the commentator referring to this wooden rod that one of the men was using to prod the other's genitals as a "Singapore Cane".

Immediately I was intrigued. I have been in Singapore since I was conceived but not once have I heard of this "Singapore Cane". I focused hard on the long hard wooden rod as it was being hammered repeatedly onto the guy's crotch - there didn't seem to be anything Singaporean about it. So I decided to do an internet search on "Singapore Cane".

And this is what I found:

"In 1994, an 18-year-old U.S. citizen named Michael Fey (who had been in Singapore for five years) sprayed some graffiti on buildings, egged some cars, and was found with stolen items. He was arrested and sentenced to four months in prison, two thousand dollars in fines, and six lashes with a rattan cane. So, ECW picked up on it for their feud with The Sandman and Tommy Cairo, and instead of calling the bundle of wood a kendo stick (as it had been called in wrestling for years), they called it a Singapore Cane. The name stuck."

- From Pro Wrestling Insider

Not sure how reliable the information is because some of the facts mentioned above are wrong - the guy's name was Michael Fay and he spray painted the cars rather than just egg them.

But I think it's kind of cool to have our country's name associated with a weapon that dispenses swift justice with maximum pain in minimal time, with optional bleeding. But wouldn't a much cooler name be "The Fay Cane"? You know because fay (fairy) has a gay connotation and so it would be like the worst humiliation in wrestling to be spanked with one.

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