Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Sense and sensibility

A word of advice to the women out there. Don't ever let your man tape you while both of you are engaging in any sort of sexual activity.

It seems like common sense. But time and time again I read accounts of how the enraged ex-boyfriend mass distributes videos or pictures of his ex-lover after being dumped.

Read of one such account yesterday on another blog. This girl studying in a college in India was taped by her boyfriend with his handphone while she gave him a blowjob. The girl broke up with him a couple weeks later, and the jilted lover decided to teach her a lesson by distributing the video to his friends. Of course the video started spreading like wildfire and the two of them ended up getting expelled. Apparently fellatio on campus property is a big no-no.

There was a similar case in Singapore a couple years back as well. An NUS student had sex videos of her sent to her fellow classmates and lecturers by her ex-boyfriend. She had given the password to her NUS email to him while they were together. Talk about trusting someone and getting screwed in public for it.

Of course I do understand the appeal of making your own porn video. So to the women out there, even if you want to do something like that, make sure you keep the clips and not him.

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