Friday, December 24, 2004

A Real Xmas story: Part 2

Congrats to C who got it spot on. The white letter was actually a red herring by yours truly, as was the creepy Santa statue on the right. My dad had mistakenly mixed up the 3 parts of the tree - apparently the middle part is at the bottom, the top is in the middle and the bottom is at the top, thus resulting in that hourglass shape.

Of course the middle part didn't fit into the base stand with the legs, that was probably done by the manufacturers as a failsafe to prevent the wrong part from being inserted first. But they did not count on the resilience and stubborn-headedness of a former army regular. My dad, with the help of a drill and screws and loads of scotch tape, manage to fit the middle part into the stand. Ditto for the other 2 parts.

Of course when I saw it I realised what had happened. So I decided to take it apart and re-assemble it again. But soon I realised that would be a really difficult task due to the screws and scotch tape. So we left it that way and after the festivities we will have no choice but to dispose of it.

And it keeps getting better. My sister just informed me that a TV crew from the local Indian TV channel has requested to visit our house tommorow morning at 11. And she said YES. I thought she was making a real corny joke but apparently she's not. I hope they don't ask me anything because I can't speak Tamil to save my life. Maybe I will pretend to be mute. Or comatose. And I REALLY hope they do not take a picture of the tree. If there is a God then please make sure that doesn't happen. I promise to stop watching porno for a week if you do.

p.s Fine fine you got me, I am not that clever - the letter and the santa were not planted.

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