Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to my faithful readers out there. Especially to my young (but old enough to be legal) single female readers!

I always wondered who was the first person to shorten the word "Christmas" to "Xmas". And what was he thinking while he did it? My guess would be it would possibly be some big shot from the catholic church shortly after Jesus went back to heaven. Here is probably what happened :

Catholic Council Member 1 : We have a problem. People are complaining that the word "Christmas" is too long. It costs too much to put it on banners and Christmas cards. We need a solution. And fast. Otherwise our plans to make Christmas the most commercially profitable religious holiday will be damned to hell.

Catholic Council Member 2: Hey how about substituting "Christ" with the letter X to make it Xmas? Yeah I know Christ was crucified on the cross, died for us yada yada .....but he's already in heaven so I don't think he would make a big deal about it. Besides it's kinda cool having an initial as a name. We could say stuff like "Our savior was X. And that's why we have Xmas!". Kids would dig it no?

And that's how the word "Xmas" was invented.

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