Thursday, December 23, 2004

How often should a couple meet?

This entry is inspired by Xiaxue's post. She was blogging about this guy she dated for a while, he would only meet her once a week. And she compare that to this gal whose blog she read, she was mentioning how her boyfriend met her everyday for the last 7 years.

So what do I think? Well to me it's pretty simple. It depends on how far apart the two of them live doesn't it? Speaking hypothetically (because I am single), if my girlfriend lived around the east side then yeah I would probably meet her everyday....K maybe not everyday but almost.

But no way in hell I would do the same if she stayed somewhere like Jurong. I mean Jesus it takes an hour and a 1/2 to reach that area from where I live. Like hello that's 3 hours in total a day traveling to and fro. That's 90 hours worth of time a month that I could better utilize by watching porn or some other recreational activity. I would probably meet her like once a week in that case.

A real life example: I once dated this girl and things were going really well...until I found out she lived at Bukit Batok. Immediately I told her it wasn't going to work because I don't believe in long distance relationships. Sigh that's fate for you - we were really compatible in every other way. But I think most people would agree with me long distance relationships rarely work out. I am pretty sure I did the right thing. Yup I did. I am sure.

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