Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Conversation with my mom a couple of days ago :

Mom: Did you know that our church now offers funeral services. You pay 3k, and when you pass away they do all the arrangements for the family. It was not easy for me and your dad when your grandpa died because of the suddenness and our state of mind. At least me and dad can spare you that. We are gonna sign up for it soon.

(Yup death is a regular topic at the dinner table for our family. And it's actually one of the more cheerful ones.)

Me: Sounds great. But in that case do I still need to be around during the funeral since they will take care of everything? Because I would probably be really upset if I was around - maybe I can go to Bintan and mourn there till the funeral is over.

Mom: *looks at me in horror*

Hmm she was muttering something shortly after that exchange, something about going to the lawyer's office and changing the will. Not a good sign.

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