Friday, December 03, 2004

DBS phishing site

OK this is freaky. There is a phishing website that emulates DBS online banking website. The following is from the official DBS website :

"Please be advised that there is a phishing site called attempting to illegally obtain sensitive information from you by pretending to represent DBS Bank.

Please do NOT, under any circumstances, visit the phishing website, as it is likely to contain a virus."

I checked out the fake site and it did look authentic enough to possibly fool anyone who isn't IT-savvy. My question here is why isn't DBS doing anything about it? The least they could do is to get the local ISPs to block the IP address/URL so that no one locally can access it. If the local ISPs can block the Playboy website (I tried it out reluctantly earlier for the sake of proving my point) then they should have no problem banning that site.

I wonder how they will handle complaints from their customers who get fooled by the phishing site in the future; will they compensate them if their accounts get compromised? Or will they just say something like "I'm sorry but we had a disclaimer on our official website so it's your fault that you didn't read it." ?

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