Sunday, December 26, 2004


I found about this latest fad at a week ago. For the technologically handicapped, bluejacking basically means using your phone's Bluetooth connection to send anonymous messages to someone else.

It's really simple to do - You basically create a new contact in your address book, and place your message in the name field. Then search for any Bluetooth devices in the general vicinity and send the message (contact).

Been having a lot of fun doing it the past few days while commuting. You would be surprised at how many people leave their handphones' Bluetooth connection on. The best targets are people who give their phones names like "Asshole" or "ClitorisGal" - I am serious there are people who do that. Anyway this are some of the messages I sent the last couple of days:

To "Asshole" : Named your phone after yourself eh?
To "T610": Still T610? Upgrade lah!
To "NokiaXXXX": Nokia sucks! Get Ericsson!
To "k700i": Sony Ericcson sucks!

I tell you the look on some of the people's faces when they see the message is priceless. K you might say that it's childish and a little sad that a 26 year old man finds joy in annoying other people. You would be right, but it's so much fun so screw you.

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