Wednesday, December 15, 2004

10 Songs

1. Open up the music player on your computer.
2. Set it to play your entire music collection.
3. Hit the “shuffle” command.
4. Tell us the title of the next ten songs that show up (with their musicians), no matter how embarrassing. That’s right, no skipping that Carpenters tune that will totally destroy your hip credibility. It’s time for total musical honesty.
5. Write it up in your blog or journal and link back to at least a couple of the other sites where you saw this.
6. If you get the same artist twice, you may skip the second (or third, or etc.) occurances. You don’t have to, but since randomness could mean you end up with a list of ten song with five artists, you can if you’d like.

001. Rage Against the Machine - Bullet in the Head
002. Foo Fighters - Enough Space
003. Fugees - No Woman, No Cry
004. Ocean Colour Scene - Get Blown Away
005. Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart
006. Tenacious D - Kyle took a bullet for me
007. Doves - Friday's dust
008. Killswitch Engage - When Darkness Falls
009. Pinback - Trainer
010. The Doors - Riders On The Storm

via Shaky Kaiser

Thank God there ain't any embarassing songs on that list.

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