Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Techie News : Firefox 1.0 and Gaim

Yes the world's best web browser has just got its official release yesterday. If you haven't tried it, please do. Just give it a TRY. The main reason why I am completely devoted to this browser is simply because of one thing - extensions. Extensions are in layman terms, simple programs that you can add to the Firefox browser to extend its functionality. Some of the extensions I swear by are :

1. Adblock - which blocks ads on web pages from being displayed
2. Download Sort - automatically downloads files into different folders based on their file type (e.g. mpeg and avi files to folder "porn", mp3 and wav files to folder called "music".
3. Gmail notifier - checks your gmail account periodically and notifies you of new mail.
4. IEView - allows you to view the page in Internet Explorer for those pages that don't support Firefox, this saves you the hassle of opening IE and typing in the URL again.

Have also been using Gaim, a multi-protocol instant messenger that supports MSN, Yahoo and ICQ. Has some pretty nifty features like it tells you when someone has closed the conversation window on you (you know who you are!). It also has extensions - for example, a MSN-like pop up window when someone logs in/types a message/sends a message to you), a customisable text replacement feature (when I type "becos" it changes to "because"). You can also trigger actions when a contact goes online, useful when you wanna be reminded to tell them something.

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