Saturday, November 13, 2004

Singapore does acknowledge its minorities

You know I have always thought that our country doesn't do enough for the minority races, that we are just an afterthought and hence don't really matter. I only realized how wrong I was a couple hours earlier.

A friend told me earlier that the episode of Singapore Idol that was screened yesterday paid tribute to us Indians and the Hindu festival Deepavali. I did not see it but the way she described to me, man I tell ya it made me feel so honoured to be an Indian in this great country of ours.

So how did they go about it you ask? Well they had the Singapore Idol contestants run around trees that they set up on stage. They also talked in strong exaggerated Indian accents. It's amazing how they manage to capture the very essence of what the local Indian community is all about with that little skit. Because that's what we Indians pride ourselves most on - for dancing around trees in our Bollywood movies and talking English in really funny Indian accents.

I have to admit I have never been close to my Indian roots, I was brought up in a very un-Indian way due to the involvement of my Chinese grandmother (RIP nana). But hearing my friend describe the Singapore idol episode really made me realize what it meant to be an Indian in Singapore, I can't wait to see the repeat next Saturday!

But I really think we should thank them for that lovely tribute. Maybe during the Chinese New Year holidays the local Indian TV channel could do a similar skit - get Indians to dress up in cheongsams and those funny red little shirts the men wear in those period movies. And then they could all talk English the way Jackie Chan does. And instead of dancing around trees, they could have those jumping zombies you see in those Chinese horror movies fighting shaolin pugilists who will use celebrated kungfu styles like the infamous Dragon's Dick style or the more flamboyant Monkey Inflicted with Mad Cow Disease style.

Hey it's the least we could do, we should let the local Chinese community feel as proud about their heritage, the same way they made us proud of ours.

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