Friday, November 12, 2004

Repent sinner!

The one great thing about those Christian religious fanatics is how they are willing to preach to anyone regardless of color, race, religion or disability. Ok maybe they aren't too crazy about homosexuals (they refer to them as spawns of Satan) but pretty much everyone else is viewed as a potential member of their cult..oops i mean religion.

Here we see a website (found this at somethingawful) that a group of religious fanatics put up for the visually challenged. They obviously felt sorry for those whose eyes are too poor to read the Holy Word (aka the Bible), and therefore unable to save themselves from eternal damnation in the lake of fire. So they created this website with amazingly huge fonts, and colors so bright and contrasting that they would probably burn the eyes of any non-believer. Now those with poor eyesight no longer have the excuse to not accept the Lord because they cannot read his words. Praise the Lord!

(Click the post's title to see the site.)

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