Friday, November 12, 2004

A Party for Two

Not sure if you have heard this godawful song by Shania Twain and that guy from Sugar Ray. Yep you heard it right - a frontman of a rock band (albeit not a very good one) teaming up with a crappy country-pop singer. I would have been shocked if Aerosmith didn't do that Diane Warren song for the Armageddon movie a couple of years back, since then nothing shocks me. Rock has always been (and still is) about rebellion and not conforming to the norms, these guys make it seem like a joke.

But enough of my rock elitist rantings. I was talking about her new song. The song might be a joke, but the video is something else altogether. You get to see Shania Twain in rather hideous make up and top shaking her head as if her hair was being attacked by killer lice. Oh and she also gives out invitation flyers to everyone on the street but at the end its only the two of them at the party. Yeah that's one happening party. I bet the both of them won't be invited to any celebrity parties anytime soon. Click the title of this post to see the video.

p.s. I just love the word albeit, it makes me feel so smart. I shall name my next pet Albeit.

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