Thursday, November 11, 2004

I do NOT celebrate Deepavali!

Ok thanks to everyone who texted me wishing me Happy Deepavali but I do NOT celebrate it so doesn't make any sense to wish me, you might as well as wish me Happy Hannukah. Deepavali is only celebrated by the Hindus alright, that's a free cultural lesson for ya.

A conversation I had online yesterday:

Friend : Happy Deepavali!
Me : Thanks...but I do not celebrate it. I am not a Hindu.
Friend : Oh I'm sorry.
Me : It's ok I understand. It's natural to assume that I do because I am Indian right.
Me : So aren't you gonna ask me if I have to go down to the construction site* to work tommorow?
Her: I was just being polite ...
Me : Just teasing love.

*Construction workers in Singapore are almost always Bangladeshi workers.

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