Saturday, November 13, 2004

Cooking for me

God I love teasing my mom. She's the totally straight and traditional Indian mother/wife type, so it's fun to tease her at times, especially when I get bored. Of course sometimes she totally doesn't get it and ends up getting upset but hey shit happens right. I mean come on, kicking my dogs while they are sleeping just to see their shocked faces when they get up does get boring after a while.

Anyway this was a conversation we had on thursday. She had just cooked her signature dish (ayam masak merah) which she does for special occasions.

Me : So has sis learned how to cook ayam masak merah yet ?
Mom : No she hasn't. And now with the kid it's gonna be hard to find the time.
Me : *Totally serious tone* Well think you better teach her fast. Otherwise who is gonna cook it when you are all old and bedridden or in a wheechair?
Her : *Looks at me in shock*

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