Monday, November 01, 2004

Book: Andy Kaufman Revealed!

Been reading this book about Andy Kaufman, the very famous comedian whom most people would know as the foreign mechanic in the classic sitcom Taxi. This guy was a brilliant yet eccentric genius who pulled off the most bizarre and outrageous pranks on TV that almost always shocked the hell out of his audience.

One example - he invited a has-been actress onto his show and then proceeded to insult her in the worst way possible about her stagnating career. The poor woman was so distraught by his actions that she ran out of his show before it ended. The next day she went home and cut her own throat. Of course the media as well as the people who watched the show were furious with his behaviour and demanded he be made responsible for the tragic consequences.. When Andy Kaufman was asked about how he felt, he just shrugged and said it never happened.

But he wasn't in denial, it was the truth.

It was all a setup, the 'distraught' actress was in on the gag as well.
Pretty brilliant stuff eh?

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