Friday, November 26, 2004

Bad luck with women

I have always had bad luck with women. Mainly because for some weird reason or possibly fate I always tend to meet those who lead really busy lives. When I ask them out they would tell me they are too busy with work to go out. In fact some of them are so busy then don't even have time to answer when I call them. I really feel for them, I can't imagine living a life that busy.

If they are not busy then they are clinically depressed. There was this one chick who I asked out for coffee once - she told me she was going through a depressoion so bad that she would probably not go out for the next 7 months. Sigh I hope she's ok now. But I did see her at a cinema a couple of weeks ago with a guy who must have been her shrink.

If they are not busy or clinically depressed they are in some binding agreement that prevents them from going out with me. This gal once told me she couldn't have dinner with me because she had this mutual agreement with a guy in China who she was kinda seeing; that they would not go out with any other members of the opposite sex. But she did express regret for not knowing me before she committed into that agreement; she told me if she did then she would have put in a clause to exclude me from the terms of that agreement. How sweet of her.

Yup that's the kinda luck I am having. But I just wonder sometimes where all the women who are not incredibly busy, clinically depressed or caught in a binding agreeement are.

Speaking of women I ain't gonna be seeing any for the next week. Yep I am off to the army to serve my country for 4 intense and gruelling days from Monday to Thursday. NOT looking forward to wearing my army fatigues and combat boots. Sigh the thought of crawling through mud in the rain ...there goes my flawless complexion. Shall be taking pics with my phone if possible , will post them when I get back !

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