Saturday, November 27, 2004

Anonymous strikes again

"they dont like you. but dont wanna be outrightly rude. some self examination needed." - Mr./Mrs. Anonymous's comment from the previous entry.

I am starting to hate this "Anonymous" person. He/she keeps on flaming me on my blog. Couple months ago I got flamed (he/she called me a sick perv) for describing Maia from Singapore Idol a MILF. And now this. Who are you Anonymous? Why do you torment me so? What have I done to you I ask? Were you the kid I beat at the chess competition back in high school - I still remember the look in your eyes when I laughed and exclaimed how fun it was raping your king of his defences. It still haunts me to this day.

Anyway I shall answer you. First of all I practice self-examination almost everyday. Especially when I am watching porn. So thanks but you are preaching to the converted.

Secondly, I accept rejection as a part of life. I have realised that when you possess a big dongle it tends to intimidate most women - thats almost always the reason why they reject me to be completely honest. I didn't wanna bring this up because (as most of you probably know) I am not one to talk about my huge shiny trumpet. But it is the truth and I decided it's time I share something personal on this blog.

The only issue I have is they refuse to admit to me that it is the REAL reason for rejecting me. Instead they come up with completely ridiculous reasons like the ones mentioned in the previous entry. I mean come on do I look like an idiot?(do not answer that).

There was this one gal who once told me I was invading her space. And I was like "Come on just admit it's because I have a huge dick." But she refused to admit it; instead she stuck to that ridiculous "you are invading my space" story, saying how creepy it was when I called her in the middle of the night and made those grunting sounds. Like hello forgive me for having a sore throat!! And I was trying to be romantic by calling her at 3 am cos it was a full moon that night, that only happens like once a month.

So anyway I hope I convinced you now anonymous. There is really too much strife in this world, let's not add to it. I will gladly be your friend if you be mine.

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