Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Top Secret Project

I got roped into a top secret project recently because I was thought to have the necessary skills to help out in it. Sigh wonder who gave them the idea, I hate it when I am forced to do actual work, feigning doing work for the last few weeks was so nice.

Anyway by some miracle I manage to make some headway. So decided to send out an email to a fellow colleague who was also involved in the project as well to update him. Here is the email, I beeped out all the classified stuff:

Subject : Update to top secret project

Hello Number 1,

This is Number 2. (i using codename cos this project top secret mah)
I have finally got our top secret applications working, both *beep* and
Will write a simple but totally top secret tutorial on how to run the
apps for yourself tommorow and send it to you first thing in the morning.
The top secret results of both *beep* and *beep* can be found in the
directory named "TOPSECRET" in my home directory if you wanna take a look.

Good luck,
Number 2

Who says we IT people don't have a sense of humor?

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