Friday, October 01, 2004

Slimming Ad on TV

I can't stand this slimming ad from this new company called "Quick and Easy Slimming". In the ad there's this 2 women who were horizontally challenged but thanks to the company have been quickly and easily slimmed. One of the gals in the ad mentions that her boyfriend used to comment that she looked like a bouncer, and then she lost 14 kg! Yep you go girl, now let your boyfriend screw you like crazy to thank him for lowering your self-esteem with insensitive insults, otherwise you would have never gone to the slimming centre.

They really should have some sort of control on ads that blatantly prey on people's insecurities. I mean what's next? Oh wait I know. Have a ad with this gal with huge boobs and make her reveal how her boyfriend kept complaining how small her boobs were before and refused to touch them. But thanks to the surgeon/hospital she now has huge boobs that her boyfriend can't stop fondling.

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