Saturday, October 23, 2004

Singapore Idol: The MILTOA is out

Man I can't believe it. The pretty boy is somehow still in the competition despite his obvious lack of singing ability, I was pretty sure he was next to go. I didn't watch the show on Friday but was Maia really that bad?

Actually I am kinda surprised that the government didn't hire foreign talent to take part in the competition, considering the fact that the winner will compete in the next World Idol. Will we finally see a real Singaporean* representing our beloved country in a major competitive event ? We shall see. But I won't be surprised if at the last minute the winner of Singapore Idol withdraws for "personal" reasons and they get a professional singer from Phillipines or US to replace him/her in World Idol.

*Someone who can sing the national anthem and speak half-decent English.

UPDATE: After reading the comment on this post, I have to admit it was rather insensitive of me to call Maia, the 21 year old single mom on Singapore Idol, a MILF. Yes I think she is hot and she has a pretty nice rack to boot, but it was wrong of me to do it. Hence I changed the title to something more tasteful i.e. MILTOA (Mom I Like To Ogle At). Hey everyone makes mistakes right?

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