Thursday, October 21, 2004

Rant: What do you listen to?

One of the most annoying replies I can get to the question above is "I listen to everything." God I hate it when someone says that. No one listens to everything. And seriously it shows an utter lack of personality doesn't it? What do you listen to ? Anything. What kind of movies do you like? Any kind. What tv shows do you watch? Anything. What do you like to f**k? Anything.

Think I need to change my image on this blog. Gotta know a new chick recently and was asking her what her impression of me was from my blog. She responded that I sounded like a chee-ko-pek. And unfortunately she isn't the only one. I don't get it, what is it about my blog that makes chicks think I am a pervert? Is it fair that I be judged as a pervert, just because I watch "Backdoor Sluts Part 3" in the nude with a barbie doll in my hand every night before I go to bed? I think not. And I urge you not to, at least not until you seen that movie. Then there are those who think I gave myself the nick Indian Stallion as some sort of public display of my sexual prowess. But if you read a few entries ago you will know that that nick was given to me by my grandma, there is nothing remotely sexual about it. Sigh sometimes it's just so depressing to be misunderstood.

But yeah maybe I should make changes to this blog to change people's impression of me. Maybe fill the background with pictures of little children dressed up as cherubic angels or something to that effect. Whatcha think?

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