Sunday, October 17, 2004

Psycho Biatch

Psycho bitch (PB) sent another huge barrage of angry SMSs my way yesterday. PB is a chick that I actually kinda fancied a couple months back because her intense passion for music was even more than mine, it was really great to finally find someone who shared my passion for rock music. But yes it proved too good to be true.

What happened was I had a falling out with a mutual friend of ours SK. Apparently SK told her about the spat between her and me. OK I am not sure what exactly SK told PB but it must have been something pretty bad, because PB then sent me really insulting SMSes to me (and this on the week of my birthday) telling me I should grow up, that I don't know how to appreciate SK, that I had a shitty character, that I was a perv (ok that I can't really argue with but it still hurts), that I was just like a book that was crap both on the inside and the outside (she works at Borders you see, hence the book analogy). The dispute was between me and SK and it was none of her business; but I actually did admire in some warped way the fact that she was doing it because she cared for her friend. I decided to try and get her to discuss it over the phone calmly and rationally so I could explain what happened between me and her friend but she didn't wanna.

So I could have ended it at that but the problem is a few months back I got her to buy for me a CD from Borders as she had a staff discount. And I still needed to get it from her. So we agreed to meet once she's free to pass it to me and then go our separate ways.

Well yesterday I checked my phone and I got this SMS from PB asking me "what the fuck was wrong" with me and why I was sending all those empty messages to her, and asked me to leave me alone because because she didn't have time for any of my bullshit and that she would tell me when she's free so she can pass me the CD.

Of course I was bewildered to say the least, didn't know what she was talking about so I checked my sent folder and yes there were 8 empty messages sent to her. Damm talk about crappy luck, I forgot to keylock my phone and it chose her of all people to sent spam messages to. So I replied and apologized, telling her it was an accident but she didn't need to be a bitch about it. Bad move. Got another 2 super mean SMSes from her, I shall not reveal the contents because I might just break down, they were really mean ok.

I am actually a little afraid of this woman right now. I shudder to think what she would have done if I had the tiff with HER rather than her friend.

Add to that my two favorite hangouts (Borders and HMV) are now under threat - don't think I can ever go to those places without this sense of fear that at any moment a book or a CD will come flying towards my head. I still need to get the CD from her, I am already contemplating where to meet her. It has to be a place far away from restaurants or cafes in case she tries to splash me with water or worse attack me with a piece of broken glass. But I learnt a valuable lesson from this - never go out with chicks below 21. Unless they are really hot.

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