Monday, October 25, 2004

My first day of rehabilitation......

Didn't start well at all. I noticed this girl standing right outside the train doors. I knew as soon as the doors open she would try and rush in without letting me go out first. And for some reason that pissed me off. And when the doors DID open, she did as I expected, she tried to squeeze between me and the door frame to get into the train. So I decided to be an asshole. I refused to give way as I walked out and I ended up trapping her between me and the door frame. She got pissed and glared at me. Oh well serves you right, that will teach you to wait for people to exit the train before you enter it.

But I swear to God that was my only act of disrespect towards women the entire day. I didn't ever dare check out any chicks..err I mean gals at the university. I mean I couldn't take the risk that some of them could turn out to be young moms could I?

The rest of the day was spent mourning the loss of a friendship. It is never easy is it, especially so when I still haven't figured out who it is. Words can't really express my sorrow, so I would like to let the lyrics to this song do it.

Numb and broken,
Here I stand alone,
Wondering what were
The last words I said to you
Hoping, praying that I'll find a way
To turn back time,
Can I turn back time?

To see the rest click here. Call me alright. Let's work this out.

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