Sunday, October 17, 2004

It's Stallion, not Pony

Thanks to Dipa I now have women calling me Indian Pony. To all those who keep teasing me with that I beg you to stop. Mainly because my grandma gave me the nick "Indian Stallion" way back when I was a kid because I used to run like the wind. Before she passed away (RIP Grandma) she told me that I should always keep that nickname in her memory. So please I beg all of ya not to tarnish my memory of Nana.

On a (very slightly) lighter note there were 2 celebrity deaths last week. Christopher Reeve and Rodney Dangerfield. Unfortunately for old Rod he had the misfortune of passing away in the same week as Superman, man talk about choosing the wrong week to die. The poor fellow barely got a mention in the local papers as far as I know, and this is the king of self-deprecating humor that we are talking about. RIP Rodney.

About Reeve here is a rather brutal article courtesy of Maddox, he wrote it like a year back. And I have to admit he makes a pretty good point.

It's not easy being me. When I was born, my doctor told my mother "I did all I could but he pulled through anyway" - Rodney Dangerfield

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