Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Identity of Miss Anonymous

Yes after some sleuthing around I think I figured out the identity of that anonymous friend. At first I couldn't believe she was the one, it just seemed improbable. But as someone in CSI once said, the evidence doesn't lie. Unless it's been tampered with.

Yep, it was my mom.

It has to be her. She's been unusually distant towards me the past few days ever since that anonymous comment appeared. She has stopped reminding me at 8 pm everyday to have my dinner, like she lovingly used to. She no longer thanks the Lord immediately after I have return home daily safely and without a non-indian woman on my side. She no longer calls me "my little bubu", now she just calls me rather coldly by my name.

I reached the lowest point in my life today. You know you really screwed up your life when even your own mom thinks you are a sicko. Where do I go from here? I seriously don't know. But I do know one thing, life just doesn't seem so funny to me anymore.

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