Friday, October 15, 2004

I need to rant

Today I am gonna talk about annoying stuff that teenagers do (as well as some adults) because they think it is cool.

First, mispelling or using wrong grammar is NOT cool. It's pretty common for kids nowdays to use words like "biatch". Why can't you just use the word bitch? I mean its not even a short form of the actual word, if it was I could understand it's usage. Its like as if they are thinking "hey look I mispelled the word ain't that cool! Nothing is cooler than mispelling words cos that shows people how much of a rebel I am by not following standard spelling norms!".

Then there are people who say stuff like "I is" and "You is". Talk about annoying. Apparently this is copied from that guy of Indian descent in UK, can't remember his name, it's the guy whose jokes mainly revolve around women and their genitals..oh ya it's Ali G. Again why the hell is it cool to speak like that I don't understand. Or am I just too old and cranky to be cool?

I once called a friend at home and a girl picked up the phone and said something like "Mishi Mishi". I was confused at first then decided I probably dialed the house of a Japanese expat by mistake, so I apologized for dialling the wrong number and called again. But again that Japanese chick answered the phone. When I asked to speak to my friend she immediately called her brother in English. I then found out later that there is/was this trend where local chicks would greet people over the phone in Japanese. Again if you wanna do it to your friends go right ahead and knock yourself out, they probably have the same sense of coolness as you. But why do it to people you don't even know and annoy the crap out of them? I am gonna tell the next gal who does it to me that I wanna mishi mishi all over her ass. K this happened a couple of years ago so it's probably out of fashion now. Hmm not sure why I even brought it up.

Alright maybe this post is me ranting cos I was never part of the cool crowd back in school. Ok so me wearing 2nd Chance pants passed down from my dad (thanks dad) while every other kid wore jeans didn't really help my cause. But damm you all alright, I was cool in my own little, barely noticeable way. At least my mom thought I was and that's all that matters to me!

Was reading a couple of blogs and noticed that there are some really lame lines used by guys on chicks nowdays. Unfortunately that's one of the problems with the internet - it lets guys act like complete morons without the fear of embarassment. There was this one guy on Smitha's blog who told her that "You look so beautiful, really beautiful. Lots of guys must want to be with you." Dude that line might have worked on your sis but it ain't that easy outside your immediate family.

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