Sunday, October 31, 2004

I am pissed. And I have a good reason to be

The Stallion doesn't ask for much. One of those things he asks for is to be left alone on Sunday. But sometimes my family just don't get it. They know that Sunday is lesbian porn day and he is not to be disturbed while he is in his room, but guess what, they did !! Isn't it enough that their filial son works like a dog from 11 am to 6 pm everyday? Isn't it enough that I leave my plates in the sink rather than letting them clear it for me, and sometimes even out of the goodness of my heart I even wash them MYSELF?

You would be surprised but the answer is no. Instead I get interrupted with a knocking on my door. Let me tell ya there are few things in the world that are more irritating than getting interrupted while watching porn. Apparently my dad has to go out to meet some clients, so it is left to me to bring our 2 dogs for a walk so that they can do their business (the dogs, not my dad). I used to wonder why my dad always went for this business talks where he would only come back like 5 am in the morning. Especially since he's working as a security guard for a company. But in our household we do not talk to the MAN unless spoken to. I once gurgled a word by accident when I was 6 and got a beating for it - hey in those days the term child abuse hasn't even been invented.

Anyway I paused my movie and brought the two of them down for a walk. But the two ff them decided to take their own sweet time to take a crap. So after waiting for an eternity (almost 5 minutes), I gently asked them if they could like speed it up so that I could get back to my movie. They ignored me completely, like as if I was talking to a wall or to two people incapable of comprehending English. Well that pissed me off even further. So I started kicking their stomachs to help their with their constipation. And you know what it actually worked they were crapping all over the grass less than a minute after my help. Ok there was some blood as well but it was minimal alright.

Moral of the story is don't interrupt a brother watching porn and for god's sake give up your crap when you are supposed to.

Listening to : OK Computer by Radiohead

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