Saturday, October 02, 2004

I am hung over

Major hangover now. Had a hell of a time at my cousin's party. She had it at some irish pub in the katong area (her boyfriend is Irish) and it was basically free flow of alcohol. I can't remember exactly but I probably had around 5 or 6 pints of Heineken there on an empty stomach.

We headed down to Zouk after that where we had more drinks. I didn't really like the music, it was some high tempo techno shit(give me hip hop anytime) but was by then too high to really care so basically danced like a rabid dog till I tired myself out, which didn't take too long. Cousin got so wasted that she fell and brought down the whole table (and the drinks on it) crashing down with her, thankfully she wasn't seriously hurt but it was pretty funny. Unfortunately there was a silly squabble at the end that threatened to sour the mood; it really sucks when people can't hold their liquor and then they proceed to piss everybody off. But yeah thankfully it only lasted like 1/2 hour. All in all I really enjoyed myself, haven't had this much alcoholic-induced fun in a really long time.

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