Sunday, October 24, 2004

How to counter a lame pick up attempt

A friend just told me about this incident in which this short Indian guy tried to pick her up in the train.

Man : Hi, I am Sunil. You are really beautiful, can I get to know you? *stretches out hand*
Friend : Hi, I am ...NOT INTERESTED.


Speaking of lame, let's move our attention to M$'s Windows Service Pack 2 (SP2). Installing it was a huge mistake on my part. Almost as huge as me trusting Backdoor Joe my cellmate during my brief stay in prison (but that's a tale for another day). After I installed it the file transfer rates of my p2p application slowed to a crawl. Mind you I use my p2p application to download totally legal stuff like bible stories, and not mp3s cos we all know that's against the law!

Anyway I found out that the reason for the slowdown was that SP2 limits outgoing TCP/IP connections to 10 and queues the remaining. There is a hack to increase the connections to 50, email or message me if you need it.

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