Sunday, October 10, 2004

Friday night and the lights are low ....

Will be going to watch Mamma Mia! this Saturday. Took me a while but manage to trick...oops I mean convince a friend to go with me, it took some pleading and whining from me to get her to go. It's gonna be my first time going to a musical or play so I am pretty excited about it, and I used to love ABBA as well. Gonna dig out my ABBA Gold CD and start listening to it again to prepare myself.

Called my pal in Florida yesterday to wish him a belated birthday, it was on the 29th of September, I completely forgot. And what made it worse was he called me on my mine. Anyway better late than never, and we did get to catch up on what each other were doing. Actually we were mostly bitching about the chicks we got into trouble with recently. Hmm I seem to be doing a lot of bitching lately. Not a good sign. Anyway I probably am gonna go down there in March or April to hang out. Not sure if I can get anyone else to go with me but we will see. To the land of the free ! Unless you are from Iraq then not so free.

Speaking of freedom, there's a lot of great new movies out right now I wanna catch. Ok I know freedom has nothing to do with movies but someone told me I should link my paragraphs to make it more cohesive. Anyway there is the motorcycle diaries about that famous revolutionary Che who you always see on T-shirts and stuff, and there's that new movie Sky Captain starring Jude Law who is like my one of my favorite actors since I saw him in GATTACA. Old Boy is a Jap flick that was praised by Quentin during the Cannes festival and finally Jackie Chan has a new Chinese movie out that I wanna see, his Hollywood stuff was getting pretty lame.

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