Sunday, October 31, 2004

Dressing your pets up is a NO NO

Got this link off copygodd about a company that charges 200 bucks for halloween costumes for people's pets. Yes I hate it when people do that. Dogs are not people you idiots, they don't need nor like clothes. Its unnatural, demeaning to the poor animal and robs them of what little dignity they have.

Excerpt :
"Dogs like to feel glamorous," says Eva Hallstrom, 41, who started the business with her sister Eleonor Hallstrom, 45, after being laid off from a publishing company last year. "You give them a nice haircut, a bath, you put on a beautiful outfit, and they are just so happy."

Can anyone say "projection of own desperate desires to an animal"? That chick seriously needs to get laid.

Click the title for the full article.

Oh and I absolutely love the new Gwen Stefani single.

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