Thursday, October 21, 2004

CDs for the blind

My company recently came up with this new software and we were distributing it for testing, so my colleague went and bought those CD Labelling Kits to make it look professional. He printed out a couple and showed them to me. Then...

Me: They look nice. But is it possible to have like Braille printed on the labels as well?
Him: *Confused* Don't think so. Besides if it was possible it would probably spoil the CD.
Me: *shouting* So are you saying we are excluding blind people from using our software?? Don't they have the right to use it as well!!?
Him: *Looks at me like I am crazy*

The problem with my brand of humor (and I been told this by a few people already) is my delivery. When I tell a joke it's usually in a deadpan manner. So people think I really mean it even when I say the most ridiculous things. And sometimes they even think I am an idiot, which does work to my advantage.

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