Sunday, October 10, 2004

Bizarre Incident at HMV

Was with a friend at HMV earlier today when this totally bizarre incident happened. I was near the magazine section reading Time magazine and catching up on my current affairs and stuff when all of a sudden this huge scary guy (with piercings all over his face and tattoos) came running out of the staff room, which was adjacent to the magazine section.

Almost immediately 3 HMV staff came out of the room behind me and pinned the big guy to the ground. I was pretty stunned - at first I thought it was some kind of birthday sabotage thingy but that theory went out the window when the big guy gave one of the staff an elbow. I promptly moved a safe distance from the scuffle and watched as the 3 of them struggled to contain him, which they finally did. Then they hauled him back to the staff room. It was quite a traumatic experience for me, that guy could have probably hurt me really badly if he had gotten free - damm I should have asked for a few CD vouchers as compensation or something.

I am guessing that the guy probably tried to steal CDs or something and got caught, and while waiting for the police to arrive he panicked and tried to escape. Moral of the story here is big guys with piercings and tattoos should always be treated as dangerous CD stealing criminals and treated with extreme caution.

Alright fine I exaggerated a little. I was reading FHM, not Time.

p.s. You can read the friend's account of the incident as well.

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