Thursday, October 28, 2004

Another post about blogging

Blogging seems to be the next big fad nowdays. Everyone seems to be getting into it and it's like featured in the local media every other week. But I am skeptical as to how many people will actually stick to it, I think for most the novelty will end after a while.

I remember way back in my time when blogging was in its infancy and barely heard of. It was so backward that we blogged by emailing our posts to the blogger staff, who would then upload it up to our blog website after a day or two. You kids nowdays got it easy I tell ya!

Oh and I think I milked the MILF cow long enough, this will be the end of that topic. But I am still curious about who the anonymous friend was. Oh well she probably will never admit to it now for fear of being publicly identified by me. But if you are, don't worry I won't do that. But that nasty comment kinda started me on a blogging roll though, had been feeling rather unispired before that. It almost makes me wish for someone else to verbally insult me now. Hmm maybe thats why the Xiaxue chick blogs as often as she does?

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