Thursday, October 28, 2004

Anger leads to hate ....hate leads to.....

Teenagers nowdays scare me. A lot of them seem to be so angry. Yeah I been there. The whole "no one understands me except my dog" phase. The "why is everyone against me, even my dog" phase. The "why is everyone getting laid except me" phase. But even back then I was more depressed about them than angry.

And believe me, I had plenty of other reasons to get angry when I was in school, like not getting the respect I deserved from my peers even when I assumed the coveted position of Chess Club President. Still remember that kid who threw my chess piece into the trashcan. I could have taken the angry route and just called my mommy, but I just silently scrummaged through the trash and retrieved it. So yes at the end I smelt like crap, but bloodshed (fine probably would have been all mine) was averted. So what if I became the laughing stock of the school, deep in my heart I knew Jesus was proud of me. And that's all that matters. Well at that time at least, I left the church soon after.

But I digress, we were talking about teens. They blow up so easily! So I shall be a smart wise old ass now and dispense some advice to the youth of our generation. *In a sagely wise voice* Life is shitty enough as it is and will only get worse once you start working. There ain't no point getting angry over insults or criticisms by people who don't even know you and who you don't even care about. Save that anger for more important things, like when you get screwed over at work by your colleagues or betrayed by your friends. Cos those things will hurt a lot worse.

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