Sunday, October 31, 2004

I am pissed. And I have a good reason to be

The Stallion doesn't ask for much. One of those things he asks for is to be left alone on Sunday. But sometimes my family just don't get it. They know that Sunday is lesbian porn day and he is not to be disturbed while he is in his room, but guess what, they did !! Isn't it enough that their filial son works like a dog from 11 am to 6 pm everyday? Isn't it enough that I leave my plates in the sink rather than letting them clear it for me, and sometimes even out of the goodness of my heart I even wash them MYSELF?

You would be surprised but the answer is no. Instead I get interrupted with a knocking on my door. Let me tell ya there are few things in the world that are more irritating than getting interrupted while watching porn. Apparently my dad has to go out to meet some clients, so it is left to me to bring our 2 dogs for a walk so that they can do their business (the dogs, not my dad). I used to wonder why my dad always went for this business talks where he would only come back like 5 am in the morning. Especially since he's working as a security guard for a company. But in our household we do not talk to the MAN unless spoken to. I once gurgled a word by accident when I was 6 and got a beating for it - hey in those days the term child abuse hasn't even been invented.

Anyway I paused my movie and brought the two of them down for a walk. But the two ff them decided to take their own sweet time to take a crap. So after waiting for an eternity (almost 5 minutes), I gently asked them if they could like speed it up so that I could get back to my movie. They ignored me completely, like as if I was talking to a wall or to two people incapable of comprehending English. Well that pissed me off even further. So I started kicking their stomachs to help their with their constipation. And you know what it actually worked they were crapping all over the grass less than a minute after my help. Ok there was some blood as well but it was minimal alright.

Moral of the story is don't interrupt a brother watching porn and for god's sake give up your crap when you are supposed to.

Listening to : OK Computer by Radiohead

Dressing your pets up is a NO NO

Got this link off copygodd about a company that charges 200 bucks for halloween costumes for people's pets. Yes I hate it when people do that. Dogs are not people you idiots, they don't need nor like clothes. Its unnatural, demeaning to the poor animal and robs them of what little dignity they have.

Excerpt :
"Dogs like to feel glamorous," says Eva Hallstrom, 41, who started the business with her sister Eleonor Hallstrom, 45, after being laid off from a publishing company last year. "You give them a nice haircut, a bath, you put on a beautiful outfit, and they are just so happy."

Can anyone say "projection of own desperate desires to an animal"? That chick seriously needs to get laid.

Click the title for the full article.

Oh and I absolutely love the new Gwen Stefani single.


Cellular was a really good show. A few gaping plot holes but very entertaining nonetheless. Go check it out alright.

This being Singapore I knew I would definitely run into her again someday. Well that day happened to be today, right after the movie. A shitload of bad memories came flooding back the instant I saw her. It's pretty surprising how badly I was affected eventhough I haven't seen her for almost 3 years. Guess some wounds just take a lot longer to heal.

If you are still looking for the punchline in this entry, there isn't one.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Anger leads to hate ....hate leads to.....

Teenagers nowdays scare me. A lot of them seem to be so angry. Yeah I been there. The whole "no one understands me except my dog" phase. The "why is everyone against me, even my dog" phase. The "why is everyone getting laid except me" phase. But even back then I was more depressed about them than angry.

And believe me, I had plenty of other reasons to get angry when I was in school, like not getting the respect I deserved from my peers even when I assumed the coveted position of Chess Club President. Still remember that kid who threw my chess piece into the trashcan. I could have taken the angry route and just called my mommy, but I just silently scrummaged through the trash and retrieved it. So yes at the end I smelt like crap, but bloodshed (fine probably would have been all mine) was averted. So what if I became the laughing stock of the school, deep in my heart I knew Jesus was proud of me. And that's all that matters. Well at that time at least, I left the church soon after.

But I digress, we were talking about teens. They blow up so easily! So I shall be a smart wise old ass now and dispense some advice to the youth of our generation. *In a sagely wise voice* Life is shitty enough as it is and will only get worse once you start working. There ain't no point getting angry over insults or criticisms by people who don't even know you and who you don't even care about. Save that anger for more important things, like when you get screwed over at work by your colleagues or betrayed by your friends. Cos those things will hurt a lot worse.

Ashlee Simpson does a Milli Vanilli

Got this off Dawn's blog. Yep Ashlee Simpson was caught lip-synching during a performance on Saturday Night Live recently. The vocal track for a song she "performed" earlier got mistakenly played again during this song. After getting caught the poor rocker panicked and did some strange hodown dance. I guess she decided since everyone now knows she can't sing, that they might as well know she can't dance too.

She immediately blamed her band after the song for playing the wrong song (?). But then changed her story later on her website and said it was due and said it was due to vocal tiredness from touring. And then once again said it was acid reflux.

But it gets better. Apparently, Ashlee Simpson recently told Lucky Magazine (heh ironic now) in an interview that "I'm totally against it and offended by it. I'm going out to let my real talent show, not to just stand there and dance around. Personally, I'd never lip-synch. It's just not me."

Get the video of her live performance here

Another post about blogging

Blogging seems to be the next big fad nowdays. Everyone seems to be getting into it and it's like featured in the local media every other week. But I am skeptical as to how many people will actually stick to it, I think for most the novelty will end after a while.

I remember way back in my time when blogging was in its infancy and barely heard of. It was so backward that we blogged by emailing our posts to the blogger staff, who would then upload it up to our blog website after a day or two. You kids nowdays got it easy I tell ya!

Oh and I think I milked the MILF cow long enough, this will be the end of that topic. But I am still curious about who the anonymous friend was. Oh well she probably will never admit to it now for fear of being publicly identified by me. But if you are, don't worry I won't do that. But that nasty comment kinda started me on a blogging roll though, had been feeling rather unispired before that. It almost makes me wish for someone else to verbally insult me now. Hmm maybe thats why the Xiaxue chick blogs as often as she does?

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I am now regretting something I did a couple of hours ago, something that I now cannot undo. Sometimes I forget to stop and think before I say or write something. Stupid stallion!

The Identity of Miss Anonymous

Yes after some sleuthing around I think I figured out the identity of that anonymous friend. At first I couldn't believe she was the one, it just seemed improbable. But as someone in CSI once said, the evidence doesn't lie. Unless it's been tampered with.

Yep, it was my mom.

It has to be her. She's been unusually distant towards me the past few days ever since that anonymous comment appeared. She has stopped reminding me at 8 pm everyday to have my dinner, like she lovingly used to. She no longer thanks the Lord immediately after I have return home daily safely and without a non-indian woman on my side. She no longer calls me "my little bubu", now she just calls me rather coldly by my name.

I reached the lowest point in my life today. You know you really screwed up your life when even your own mom thinks you are a sicko. Where do I go from here? I seriously don't know. But I do know one thing, life just doesn't seem so funny to me anymore.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)

Wow. Apparently MILF is also an acronym for a Muslim separatist group. Who would have thought? Click the title to read more.

UPDATE: Just realised quite a number of women don't know what the other meaning of MILF is. Most guys know it because you see all the time on porn websites. Anyway it's an acronym used in American Pie the movie to describe Stickler's mom. What it stands for I leave it up to you to find out.

Rant : Cheapskate Handphone Owners (CHOs)

I have no problem with people being miserly. As long as their cheapskateness doesn't affect me. Hence the reason for this rant. This rant is about cheapskate handphone owners (CHOs) who try to reduce their phone bill at the expense of annoying other people.

So this is what they do when they wanna call someone. A CHO knows that if he makes the call it will eat up his talktime. So what they do is they call up the person, but they hang up before the person gets a chance to answer. Then the onus will be on the other person to call back the number that is displayed on their handphone's caller ID. So the result is because the CHOs are on plans with free incoming calls they don't need to spend a cent on the call .

Ok if you are of those who does the above let me explain why it annoys other people. Firstly, it is a fact that the majority of people in Singapore now have plans with free incoming calls. You don't wanna pay for the call eventhough you initiated it, yet its perfectly fine for the other person to use up his outgoing minutes to call you is it? Stop being a selfish ass will ya!

The second thing is the one that annoys me the most. When I get a call I usually answer it almost immediately. So what happens when I get a call from a CHO is I say hello and realise its a damm engaged tone. Do you know how annoying that is?? And how stupid I feel for saying hello and getting an engaged tone for a reply?

So the point of the story is if you can't afford to make calls to people from your handphone then don't. Call from a public phone if you have to, I don't give a shit how you do it. But if I get another CHO pulling that same trick on me...he or she will have hell to pay. And this includes everyone, even young moms.

Monday, October 25, 2004

My first day of rehabilitation......

Didn't start well at all. I noticed this girl standing right outside the train doors. I knew as soon as the doors open she would try and rush in without letting me go out first. And for some reason that pissed me off. And when the doors DID open, she did as I expected, she tried to squeeze between me and the door frame to get into the train. So I decided to be an asshole. I refused to give way as I walked out and I ended up trapping her between me and the door frame. She got pissed and glared at me. Oh well serves you right, that will teach you to wait for people to exit the train before you enter it.

But I swear to God that was my only act of disrespect towards women the entire day. I didn't ever dare check out any chicks..err I mean gals at the university. I mean I couldn't take the risk that some of them could turn out to be young moms could I?

The rest of the day was spent mourning the loss of a friendship. It is never easy is it, especially so when I still haven't figured out who it is. Words can't really express my sorrow, so I would like to let the lyrics to this song do it.

Numb and broken,
Here I stand alone,
Wondering what were
The last words I said to you
Hoping, praying that I'll find a way
To turn back time,
Can I turn back time?

To see the rest click here. Call me alright. Let's work this out.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

A Friendship Lost

"Hi Bert - I am a friend of urs but after seeing you use the term MILF* to desribe Maia I think we won't be talking much more in the future. At least, I got to see what kind of a sick person you really are." - Anonymous

Sometimes it takes an anonymous comment on a blog entry to make you see the light. All this time I thought I was just another normal and horny male. But today I realised that it isn't true. I now know that I am sick. Very sick.

I been sick all my life but never realised it till now. How could I have not seen it before? I have shown absolutely no respect for hot young moms by lusting over them everytime i see one, like a young hot mom loving sicko. But not anymore, I am gonna change my ways starting from this very moment. No more treating women like sex objects from now on. And that means no more spanking or whipping women in bed. No more calling women chicks. No more sex jokes regarding women. No more asking female friends to make out in front of me. No more asking female friends if they wanna "ride the stallion". K the list goes on but you get the point.

And I have you to thank for that, whoever you are. Thank you for showing me what I have become. But I am deeply sorry that it came at a very high price, that it cost us our friendship. Yet I have no one to blame but myself. Well maybe I would blame Backdoor Joe as well, I think he kinda played a part into transforming me to the sick sex monster that I am. And lets not forget that priest who wanted to show me his "holy staff" when I was an altar boy. No no I must stop blaming others and take responsibility for my actions! And I will.

But whoever you are, I just have one favor to ask you. And hope you do this because I am sure your friendship meant a lot to both of us. All i ask is you to give me one more chance. Especially if you are hot.

*MILF = a word to describe a hot mom, an acronym for MOM I LIKE TO F**K

Still listening to: Down with the Sickness by Disturbed

How to counter a lame pick up attempt

A friend just told me about this incident in which this short Indian guy tried to pick her up in the train.

Man : Hi, I am Sunil. You are really beautiful, can I get to know you? *stretches out hand*
Friend : Hi, I am ...NOT INTERESTED.


Speaking of lame, let's move our attention to M$'s Windows Service Pack 2 (SP2). Installing it was a huge mistake on my part. Almost as huge as me trusting Backdoor Joe my cellmate during my brief stay in prison (but that's a tale for another day). After I installed it the file transfer rates of my p2p application slowed to a crawl. Mind you I use my p2p application to download totally legal stuff like bible stories, and not mp3s cos we all know that's against the law!

Anyway I found out that the reason for the slowdown was that SP2 limits outgoing TCP/IP connections to 10 and queues the remaining. There is a hack to increase the connections to 50, email or message me if you need it.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Singapore Idol: The MILTOA is out

Man I can't believe it. The pretty boy is somehow still in the competition despite his obvious lack of singing ability, I was pretty sure he was next to go. I didn't watch the show on Friday but was Maia really that bad?

Actually I am kinda surprised that the government didn't hire foreign talent to take part in the competition, considering the fact that the winner will compete in the next World Idol. Will we finally see a real Singaporean* representing our beloved country in a major competitive event ? We shall see. But I won't be surprised if at the last minute the winner of Singapore Idol withdraws for "personal" reasons and they get a professional singer from Phillipines or US to replace him/her in World Idol.

*Someone who can sing the national anthem and speak half-decent English.

UPDATE: After reading the comment on this post, I have to admit it was rather insensitive of me to call Maia, the 21 year old single mom on Singapore Idol, a MILF. Yes I think she is hot and she has a pretty nice rack to boot, but it was wrong of me to do it. Hence I changed the title to something more tasteful i.e. MILTOA (Mom I Like To Ogle At). Hey everyone makes mistakes right?

Listening to :
Down with the Sickness by Disturbed

Friday, October 22, 2004

The problem with deadpan humour.

It is a problem when the listener doesn't notice the joke and takes it seriously. Then they usually they start to think the person is really dumb for saying something so ridiculous.

Take Ali G for example. He interviews all these celebrities and asks them the most stupidiest questions, like he once asked a former director of an ER unit what character he plays. The director assumes the guy is an idiot because he didn't realise it was a joke.

It's a bit similar to mine at my workplace. Sometimes I get the impression that some of them think I am less capable than I really am mainly because of the way I joke, they seem to miss it quite often.

Ok this is in reply to a comment on my previous post. My reply was kind of long so I made it an entry. Quite smart eh?

Thursday, October 21, 2004

CDs for the blind

My company recently came up with this new software and we were distributing it for testing, so my colleague went and bought those CD Labelling Kits to make it look professional. He printed out a couple and showed them to me. Then...

Me: They look nice. But is it possible to have like Braille printed on the labels as well?
Him: *Confused* Don't think so. Besides if it was possible it would probably spoil the CD.
Me: *shouting* So are you saying we are excluding blind people from using our software?? Don't they have the right to use it as well!!?
Him: *Looks at me like I am crazy*

The problem with my brand of humor (and I been told this by a few people already) is my delivery. When I tell a joke it's usually in a deadpan manner. So people think I really mean it even when I say the most ridiculous things. And sometimes they even think I am an idiot, which does work to my advantage.

Oops Ali G ain't an Indian

Thanks to an anonymous comment, I found out that Ali G is actually not Indian or even Asian for that matter. See, who says the internet is only good for porn and preying on young chicks? Oh wait that was me. Anyway he is actually a white Jewish guy called Sacha Baron Cohen. But whatever race he is I still don't find him that funny. Then again humor is subjective ain't it? I have friends who found Scary Movie hilariously funny, but for me it was one of the worst movies I seen.

Rant: What do you listen to?

One of the most annoying replies I can get to the question above is "I listen to everything." God I hate it when someone says that. No one listens to everything. And seriously it shows an utter lack of personality doesn't it? What do you listen to ? Anything. What kind of movies do you like? Any kind. What tv shows do you watch? Anything. What do you like to f**k? Anything.

Think I need to change my image on this blog. Gotta know a new chick recently and was asking her what her impression of me was from my blog. She responded that I sounded like a chee-ko-pek. And unfortunately she isn't the only one. I don't get it, what is it about my blog that makes chicks think I am a pervert? Is it fair that I be judged as a pervert, just because I watch "Backdoor Sluts Part 3" in the nude with a barbie doll in my hand every night before I go to bed? I think not. And I urge you not to, at least not until you seen that movie. Then there are those who think I gave myself the nick Indian Stallion as some sort of public display of my sexual prowess. But if you read a few entries ago you will know that that nick was given to me by my grandma, there is nothing remotely sexual about it. Sigh sometimes it's just so depressing to be misunderstood.

But yeah maybe I should make changes to this blog to change people's impression of me. Maybe fill the background with pictures of little children dressed up as cherubic angels or something to that effect. Whatcha think?

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Damm freaking blogging hell

Blogged an entry at work but it hung on me during posting. And it was a good one too. God I hate it when that happens.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

It's Stallion, not Pony

Thanks to Dipa I now have women calling me Indian Pony. To all those who keep teasing me with that I beg you to stop. Mainly because my grandma gave me the nick "Indian Stallion" way back when I was a kid because I used to run like the wind. Before she passed away (RIP Grandma) she told me that I should always keep that nickname in her memory. So please I beg all of ya not to tarnish my memory of Nana.

On a (very slightly) lighter note there were 2 celebrity deaths last week. Christopher Reeve and Rodney Dangerfield. Unfortunately for old Rod he had the misfortune of passing away in the same week as Superman, man talk about choosing the wrong week to die. The poor fellow barely got a mention in the local papers as far as I know, and this is the king of self-deprecating humor that we are talking about. RIP Rodney.

About Reeve here is a rather brutal article courtesy of Maddox, he wrote it like a year back. And I have to admit he makes a pretty good point.

It's not easy being me. When I was born, my doctor told my mother "I did all I could but he pulled through anyway" - Rodney Dangerfield

Psycho Biatch

Psycho bitch (PB) sent another huge barrage of angry SMSs my way yesterday. PB is a chick that I actually kinda fancied a couple months back because her intense passion for music was even more than mine, it was really great to finally find someone who shared my passion for rock music. But yes it proved too good to be true.

What happened was I had a falling out with a mutual friend of ours SK. Apparently SK told her about the spat between her and me. OK I am not sure what exactly SK told PB but it must have been something pretty bad, because PB then sent me really insulting SMSes to me (and this on the week of my birthday) telling me I should grow up, that I don't know how to appreciate SK, that I had a shitty character, that I was a perv (ok that I can't really argue with but it still hurts), that I was just like a book that was crap both on the inside and the outside (she works at Borders you see, hence the book analogy). The dispute was between me and SK and it was none of her business; but I actually did admire in some warped way the fact that she was doing it because she cared for her friend. I decided to try and get her to discuss it over the phone calmly and rationally so I could explain what happened between me and her friend but she didn't wanna.

So I could have ended it at that but the problem is a few months back I got her to buy for me a CD from Borders as she had a staff discount. And I still needed to get it from her. So we agreed to meet once she's free to pass it to me and then go our separate ways.

Well yesterday I checked my phone and I got this SMS from PB asking me "what the fuck was wrong" with me and why I was sending all those empty messages to her, and asked me to leave me alone because because she didn't have time for any of my bullshit and that she would tell me when she's free so she can pass me the CD.

Of course I was bewildered to say the least, didn't know what she was talking about so I checked my sent folder and yes there were 8 empty messages sent to her. Damm talk about crappy luck, I forgot to keylock my phone and it chose her of all people to sent spam messages to. So I replied and apologized, telling her it was an accident but she didn't need to be a bitch about it. Bad move. Got another 2 super mean SMSes from her, I shall not reveal the contents because I might just break down, they were really mean ok.

I am actually a little afraid of this woman right now. I shudder to think what she would have done if I had the tiff with HER rather than her friend.

Add to that my two favorite hangouts (Borders and HMV) are now under threat - don't think I can ever go to those places without this sense of fear that at any moment a book or a CD will come flying towards my head. I still need to get the CD from her, I am already contemplating where to meet her. It has to be a place far away from restaurants or cafes in case she tries to splash me with water or worse attack me with a piece of broken glass. But I learnt a valuable lesson from this - never go out with chicks below 21. Unless they are really hot.

The Winner Takes It All

Went to watch Mamma Mia yesterday with N. I was a little nervous cos it was the first time we were actually going out, although I met her a couple of times before. Anyway ended having a pretty good time. The songs were pretty great, I grew up on ABBA and it was a nice throwback to those times. However, the story itself wasn't really that engaging and the acting seemed to be way to over the top at times. K this is my first musical so maybe this is how musicals are supposed to be but yeah it was a little annoying at times. But all in all I enjoyed it thanks to the songs and the lead actress had a really great voice as well. But you could cut the sexual tension between me and N with a knife I tell ya. Well they don't call me the Stallion for nothing you know.

p.s Alright fine there was no sexual tension at all. In fact I have had more sexual tension between me and my dogs. Maybe it was my "black pride" t-shirt.....I don't know. Sometimes I just don't know what turns chicks on. Sigh.

Friday, October 15, 2004

I need to rant

Today I am gonna talk about annoying stuff that teenagers do (as well as some adults) because they think it is cool.

First, mispelling or using wrong grammar is NOT cool. It's pretty common for kids nowdays to use words like "biatch". Why can't you just use the word bitch? I mean its not even a short form of the actual word, if it was I could understand it's usage. Its like as if they are thinking "hey look I mispelled the word ain't that cool! Nothing is cooler than mispelling words cos that shows people how much of a rebel I am by not following standard spelling norms!".

Then there are people who say stuff like "I is" and "You is". Talk about annoying. Apparently this is copied from that guy of Indian descent in UK, can't remember his name, it's the guy whose jokes mainly revolve around women and their genitals..oh ya it's Ali G. Again why the hell is it cool to speak like that I don't understand. Or am I just too old and cranky to be cool?

I once called a friend at home and a girl picked up the phone and said something like "Mishi Mishi". I was confused at first then decided I probably dialed the house of a Japanese expat by mistake, so I apologized for dialling the wrong number and called again. But again that Japanese chick answered the phone. When I asked to speak to my friend she immediately called her brother in English. I then found out later that there is/was this trend where local chicks would greet people over the phone in Japanese. Again if you wanna do it to your friends go right ahead and knock yourself out, they probably have the same sense of coolness as you. But why do it to people you don't even know and annoy the crap out of them? I am gonna tell the next gal who does it to me that I wanna mishi mishi all over her ass. K this happened a couple of years ago so it's probably out of fashion now. Hmm not sure why I even brought it up.

Alright maybe this post is me ranting cos I was never part of the cool crowd back in school. Ok so me wearing 2nd Chance pants passed down from my dad (thanks dad) while every other kid wore jeans didn't really help my cause. But damm you all alright, I was cool in my own little, barely noticeable way. At least my mom thought I was and that's all that matters to me!

Was reading a couple of blogs and noticed that there are some really lame lines used by guys on chicks nowdays. Unfortunately that's one of the problems with the internet - it lets guys act like complete morons without the fear of embarassment. There was this one guy on Smitha's blog who told her that "You look so beautiful, really beautiful. Lots of guys must want to be with you." Dude that line might have worked on your sis but it ain't that easy outside your immediate family.

arrrgh women!!!!

God they frustrate me to no end sometimes. Sometimes I ALMOST wish I was gay.
*Resists urge to start ranting*

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Top Secret Project

I got roped into a top secret project recently because I was thought to have the necessary skills to help out in it. Sigh wonder who gave them the idea, I hate it when I am forced to do actual work, feigning doing work for the last few weeks was so nice.

Anyway by some miracle I manage to make some headway. So decided to send out an email to a fellow colleague who was also involved in the project as well to update him. Here is the email, I beeped out all the classified stuff:

Subject : Update to top secret project

Hello Number 1,

This is Number 2. (i using codename cos this project top secret mah)
I have finally got our top secret applications working, both *beep* and
Will write a simple but totally top secret tutorial on how to run the
apps for yourself tommorow and send it to you first thing in the morning.
The top secret results of both *beep* and *beep* can be found in the
directory named "TOPSECRET" in my home directory if you wanna take a look.

Good luck,
Number 2

Who says we IT people don't have a sense of humor?

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Bizarre Incident at HMV

Was with a friend at HMV earlier today when this totally bizarre incident happened. I was near the magazine section reading Time magazine and catching up on my current affairs and stuff when all of a sudden this huge scary guy (with piercings all over his face and tattoos) came running out of the staff room, which was adjacent to the magazine section.

Almost immediately 3 HMV staff came out of the room behind me and pinned the big guy to the ground. I was pretty stunned - at first I thought it was some kind of birthday sabotage thingy but that theory went out the window when the big guy gave one of the staff an elbow. I promptly moved a safe distance from the scuffle and watched as the 3 of them struggled to contain him, which they finally did. Then they hauled him back to the staff room. It was quite a traumatic experience for me, that guy could have probably hurt me really badly if he had gotten free - damm I should have asked for a few CD vouchers as compensation or something.

I am guessing that the guy probably tried to steal CDs or something and got caught, and while waiting for the police to arrive he panicked and tried to escape. Moral of the story here is big guys with piercings and tattoos should always be treated as dangerous CD stealing criminals and treated with extreme caution.

Alright fine I exaggerated a little. I was reading FHM, not Time.

p.s. You can read the friend's account of the incident as well.

Friday night and the lights are low ....

Will be going to watch Mamma Mia! this Saturday. Took me a while but manage to trick...oops I mean convince a friend to go with me, it took some pleading and whining from me to get her to go. It's gonna be my first time going to a musical or play so I am pretty excited about it, and I used to love ABBA as well. Gonna dig out my ABBA Gold CD and start listening to it again to prepare myself.

Called my pal in Florida yesterday to wish him a belated birthday, it was on the 29th of September, I completely forgot. And what made it worse was he called me on my mine. Anyway better late than never, and we did get to catch up on what each other were doing. Actually we were mostly bitching about the chicks we got into trouble with recently. Hmm I seem to be doing a lot of bitching lately. Not a good sign. Anyway I probably am gonna go down there in March or April to hang out. Not sure if I can get anyone else to go with me but we will see. To the land of the free ! Unless you are from Iraq then not so free.

Speaking of freedom, there's a lot of great new movies out right now I wanna catch. Ok I know freedom has nothing to do with movies but someone told me I should link my paragraphs to make it more cohesive. Anyway there is the motorcycle diaries about that famous revolutionary Che who you always see on T-shirts and stuff, and there's that new movie Sky Captain starring Jude Law who is like my one of my favorite actors since I saw him in GATTACA. Old Boy is a Jap flick that was praised by Quentin during the Cannes festival and finally Jackie Chan has a new Chinese movie out that I wanna see, his Hollywood stuff was getting pretty lame.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Avoidant and Dependent


-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

Apparently I am avoidant and dependent. Seriously this is bullshit. There is nothing wrong with a 26 year old guy having a close relationship with his mommy alright, that doesn't mean I'm dependent on her!! Why are people so quick to judge? I told her about the result of this quiz and she agrees it's bullshit as well so there ya go.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Dinner conversation

Went to dinner with a gal to Al Forno, a really nice Italian restaurant along east coast road. So we were enjoying the ambience, music and that led to a very interesting conversation. But unfortunately....

Her: You know for some reason all the guys I been involved with have names started with "A".
Me : Oh i see. By the way have I ever told you that my indian name is Ambushamugam?
*long uncomfortable silence follows*

Hey it was worth a shot.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

You ain't my dad.

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That's a guy only a son could love. Fortunately I ain't him.

I am not your son, drunk

Bizarre incident at lunch a couple of hours ago. I was having lunch at a coffeeshop nearby when suddenly this drunk (at 3 pm in the afternoon) old indian guy sitting a couple of tables away starts pointing to me and shouting out loudly to everyone that I was his son. And of course everyone in the coffeeshop starts looking at me, probably wondering if it was true. And it did not help matters when the clown ordered another plate of roasted chicken rice for me eventhough I refused to talk to him, but I left quickly after I finished my lunch before it arrived. Took a picture of the guy with my handphone will post it once I get back home. My bad luck continues.

Happiest guy in the company

A colleague told me yesterday that it seems to him like I am the happiest guy in our company. God I couldn't stop laughing I tell ya. I guess I hide my true emotions really well. Or maybe it's how I always make a joke out of all my troubles so it gives people that I am a very carefree person. Oh well I have always found that people find it hard to figure me out.

Spent around 2 hours bitching like a ...err...bitch to a friend over lunch. Going through a little bit of a bad patch at work and in life right now and just needed someone to listen. And fortunately for me she's almost always there when I need that someone.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Entry of the Week

Alright starting from this week I am going to highlight my favourite blog or entry for the past week. Our first winner of the Stallion Best Weekly Entry Award comes from Diana, with her inspirational entry about how she saved a gal from the clutches of a raving lunatic at the train station. Go check it out.

I am hung over

Major hangover now. Had a hell of a time at my cousin's party. She had it at some irish pub in the katong area (her boyfriend is Irish) and it was basically free flow of alcohol. I can't remember exactly but I probably had around 5 or 6 pints of Heineken there on an empty stomach.

We headed down to Zouk after that where we had more drinks. I didn't really like the music, it was some high tempo techno shit(give me hip hop anytime) but was by then too high to really care so basically danced like a rabid dog till I tired myself out, which didn't take too long. Cousin got so wasted that she fell and brought down the whole table (and the drinks on it) crashing down with her, thankfully she wasn't seriously hurt but it was pretty funny. Unfortunately there was a silly squabble at the end that threatened to sour the mood; it really sucks when people can't hold their liquor and then they proceed to piss everybody off. But yeah thankfully it only lasted like 1/2 hour. All in all I really enjoyed myself, haven't had this much alcoholic-induced fun in a really long time.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Show yourselves my silent fans

Yup being the uncreative blog whore that I am, I shall steal Diana's great idea and ask for the silent readers of this blog to show themselves. Yep if you have been reading but not commenting just leave a comment and let me know who you are and where ya from and how you gotta know my blog. Yes even you hecklers, like that unoriginal guy who calls himself the "Real Indian Stallion". But then again don't think I have as many readers as Diana so there is a real possibility of no one commenting. Hope that doesn't happen.

Slimming Ad on TV

I can't stand this slimming ad from this new company called "Quick and Easy Slimming". In the ad there's this 2 women who were horizontally challenged but thanks to the company have been quickly and easily slimmed. One of the gals in the ad mentions that her boyfriend used to comment that she looked like a bouncer, and then she lost 14 kg! Yep you go girl, now let your boyfriend screw you like crazy to thank him for lowering your self-esteem with insensitive insults, otherwise you would have never gone to the slimming centre.

They really should have some sort of control on ads that blatantly prey on people's insecurities. I mean what's next? Oh wait I know. Have a ad with this gal with huge boobs and make her reveal how her boyfriend kept complaining how small her boobs were before and refused to touch them. But thanks to the surgeon/hospital she now has huge boobs that her boyfriend can't stop fondling.