Friday, September 24, 2004

Stallion system of blogrolling

Today is a sad day for the Stallion. I just found out that my blog has been taken off someone's blogroll. It's a sucky feeling when you realize that your blog no longer brings the same level of joy and laughter to someone, so much so they decide to take it off. It's a feeling that is even suckier than cleaning some other guy's piss off the toilet seat I tell ya. At first I thought there was something wrong with the person's blogroll, that was why it didn't display my link. But then I realized the truth, it was actually done on purpose. Hey they didn't call me "sharp-brained stallion" in school for nothing alright, I always noticed stuff that were oblivious to everyone else. Ok only this weird gal in school called me that but it still counts.

Not sure if anyone notices but I shift the links in my blogroll around once a month. I think my system is vastly superior to the usual sort by alphabet system that most people use so I am gonna share it with ya. This is how it goes, every month I allocate points to everyone based on certain completely unbias criteria. I then tally up the points and sort it from the highest to lowest. I then get my mom to verify the results and to ensure that there is no foul play before I update my blogroll. The criteria is as follows :

-2000 points for personal attacks to my character like comparing me to a crappy book.
-1000 points for not updating in a month (cumulative with the weekly -500 point penalty below)
-500 points for not updating in a week
-500 points for forgetting or not wishing me on my birthday.
-500 points for mentioning me on your blog in a negative context.
+500 points for making me smile with a entry.
+500 points for telling me an interesting fact that I didn't know in an entry.
+500 points for writing an entry that I can totally relate to.
+500 points for mentioning me in a good context .
+1000 points for making me laugh with an entry.
+1000 points for adopting the Stallion system for blogrolling for your own blog.
+1000 points if my blog in on the top of your blogroll.
+5000 points for sending me a naked picture of yourself
-10000 points if the above naked picture of yourself has a penis in it.

There you have it. Please feel free to use the system for your own blog, but please do give credit where it is due, that's all I ask.

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