Thursday, September 30, 2004

Me and my big mouth

I got a call yesterday from my cousin whom I met at a party a couple months back. We haven't seen each other in years before that party.

Her: Hey I am having a birthday party on Friday evening. You free to come?
Me: Sure I would love to. By the way anything you want me to buy for your birthday. I prefer to get people things that they want rather than getting something they will just chuck away in the closet.
Her : Hmmm ok....Well ,,,,there's this thing...nah nevermind.
Me: Oh what is it? Tell me!
Her : Well I been wanting an MP3 player...
Me : Oh....ok....hmmm....
Her : Nah it's ok forget it.
Me : I will pretend as if I never heard it. See ya on Friday alright!

Think I will just get her one of those gift sets from Bodyshop.
Hey I don't even have an mp3 player myself alright!

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