Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Long time no update

Yes I been gone a week. Well nothing much to update here except had quite an interesting phone conversation with someone I gotta know recently, we talked on the phone for about 4 hours till 4 am in the morning. Haven't done that in a long time. Not sure if there is anything here, just gotta wait and see.

Spent the weekend at my sister's place, just hanged out with her and my cousin. Had to fake some interest in her kid while I was there. You know stuff like playing with her hair and making baby talk. Arrgh. Yes I am an evil uncle but I am just not fond of kids alright, that's just me.

I was thinking the other day and its kinda surprising how we are the most intelligent beings on earth but when it comes to fending for itself human babies are probably the worst at it in the animal kingdom. Most animals can at least move around after they are born, babies on the other hand just lie on their backs the whole day. You would think we would be more self-reliant from birth considering our intelligence.

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