Sunday, September 26, 2004

Internet breeds weirdness

My blogging slump continues, so for the time being I am gonna piggyback on topics on other websites.

First we have erotic robot fan fiction. Yes if you ever fantasized about screwing Optimus Prime or being screwed by him/it then this is the place for ya. Have to really thank them for destroying all memories of wonderment and awe I had as a kid when I watched Transformers. So if you wanna hang on to those memories you might not wanna visit the site.

Second are gay men who like to role play as babies. The website features men in diapers and milk bottles. I pity those families who live in the same neighbourhoods as those men, if it was me I would probably move out right away. And here I was feeling so much shame about my panty wearing fetish, which is now public knowledge thanks to Charlene. But hey if Joey from Friends likes to wear them it can't be that bad can it. I don't think you will find an adult sitcom character wearing a diaper anytime soon.

Both links are taken from somethingawful.

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